Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floyd And I On The Aisle - Inception


So if you haven't seen Inception yet, come back later. Also, get your shit together and your priorities straight, nerd! Get to that flick!

There's no big point to this (on a blog? weird...), we just felt like chatting about the movie we enjoyed.

Floyd's chatwords are blue, like his dreamy eyes:

so I saw inception
it was like a blowjob for the brain

look at's suggestions for when to take a bathroom break

I'm interested if I nailed it because I don't feel I missed anything nope didn't nail it

but those suggestions are horrible!
runpee should be ashamed!

they've disgraced the runpee name!

they've pissed all over their reputation
I only have, like, one thought about the movie:
I wish it was longer, or a miniseries or something
because we worked hard to learn the rules, and now those rules are kinda useless

it really could have been an amazing show that setup has endless potential

plus a longer movie with an intermission would have solved the pee problem
it would have given confused people a chance to catch up

thank God I wasn't sitting near anybody that was asking questions
I sat next to a lady who got up to use the restroom with, like, 15 minutes left in the movie

haha right in the middle of the climax? when the van's about to hit the water and everything else?

I was trying not to pay attention, but basically YES
she should murder her bladder

or the cashier that convinced her to upsize her Coke

it should be illegal to sell drinks for that movie

I'll load up the petition template

any revelations you'd like to add?

hmm do you think in the end he was still in a dream? I kind of do I think it was all Michael Caine's work trying to get him over his dead wife

no. but I don't really focus on the ending. I'm not going to fight about something that's clearly ambiguous

sure and I don't really care either but it's an interesting idea

that said,
it is very strange that Caine was waiting for him at the airport

right and it was kind of a "perfect" ending almost dreamlike I'm sure some nerd has found some clue somewhere

well, it could be argued that Caine was informed of the plan beforehand
but whatever

I was surprised how little Ellen Page annoyed me

she is pretty good at acting!

how different would the movie have been if she'd been playing Juno?

no noticeable change
haha jk
it would have been awful, homeskillet

(via Videogum)
possibly worth a parody script

she should have been Juno, and JGL should have been the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun...
when Leo washed up on the beach, Kim said he was Jack from Titanic.

and Cillian Murphy could have been Scarecrow man, that would have been a bad dream!


I wish the reviews for it would have been more cheesy "This movie is a dream come true!" "A wet dream for movie lovers!" and man, the porn spinoff potential

wet dream. Man, that's the best.

I hope they don't invade my dreams because there's going to be a lot of banging going on

well duh. But I'm sure you'd welcome Mal to make an appearance

oh man yeah, she'd play a different role she wouldn't be killing everybody, for starters

she'd stab your dick

with her cat's teeth

I'm surprised how quickly I accepted the fact that people dreamed together
"Oh, okay, sure."
"Whatever you say, Christopher Nolan."
"That machine makes it work. No problem."

it's the future, Dan a wondrous future where women can be architects, and Japanese people own businesses

I thought the Slap Chop was the future?
Was Juno pulled from an architecture program, or some crazy genius dream study major?

not really sure that was kind of ambiguous she seemed fascinated by the dream world, so I thought maybe she was a real architect did you catch the fun connection of her name?

I think she was studying to be Michael Caine.
No, I'm not that deep into mythology. I read about it afterward.

She helped Theseus out of the maze!!

I was mostly trying to hear/understand what her name was. They only say it once or twice.

it was a little convenient that in the super dream, dying doesn't wake you up but sends you to limbo forever I still don't think that would be all bad limbo seemed kind of awesome

uhh, well, maybe the first decade would be cool.


Anonymous said...

Weren't Cobb and Mal able to get out of their limbo by dying? And Saito and Fischer both died in the third level, but they didn't go to limbo?
Architecture school would've been way cooler if we'd been recruited to design dream worlds. Or Labyrinths.

Unrelated, but the word verification for this comment was "tranny".


Adrienne said...

I wish I could have watched this movie in slappers-only mode.

dn said...

Forget it, Shawn, it's Limbotown.

Alison said...

Linds and I had a similar discussion about "Inception," except ours focused mostly on how good Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks in a vest.

I may have missed the bigger picture here.