Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting Chippy

Man, IT'S BEEN nearly a month since I've last update the ol' blog. Here's some of that classic text that you yearn for:


One of the fun things I do to spice up my work lunches and distract myself from the unbearable lightness of being is purchase and consume different varieties of chips and crackers! Here's what's new!

Sun Chips Sweet BBQ

Sun Chips has a barbeque flavor! It's pretty terrible, especially when the Garden Salsa flavor is so good. And being Sun Chips, they are terribly more expensive than other chips. Plus their bag size keeps shrinking - it's down to SEVEN OUNCES now!!! People are going crazy on its corporate Facebook page, as if Sun Chips owes them for years of brand loyalty.

Lay's Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo flavored potato chips?! The folks at Lays have done it! Except it tastes more like spicy tomato potatoes, which is to say, not very good. And the after-lunch taste in your mouth is terrible, and must be washed away with a handful of altoids.

Doritos JACKED Stacked Enchilada

These Doritos are thicker than normal, and have extra flavoring on the chip, so you get even more of the Dorito dust on your fingers as you eat it. Have you ever craved a Dorito that was harder and thicker? Me neither. The taste is vaguely Mexican, and not nearly as good as

Doritos Salsa Verde

This is the premier Dorito chip in the world right now. Very delicious.

Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo

Soak a box of Wheat Thins in Tabasco brand sauce and eat it. Eat the whole box, because you paid like two dollars for it and it's a waste not to. Bleh!

Wheat Thins Chili Cheese

Better, but not great. Wheat Thins just don't take to flavors very well.

Cheez-It Zingz Queso Fundido

"These bold crackers are made with corn masa flour for maximum crunchiness and seasoned perfectly to spice things up! That's why they're The Snacking Crunch with a Punch! Inspired by a popular Mexican cheese dish, Queso Fundido features 100% Real White Cheddar cheese, combined with a bold blend of peppers, herbs and spices for a zesty hit of flavor!"

I don't know about this maximum crunch claim, but the flavor is very good! Plus the name has all those Z's in it, which makes it really fun!