Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 Soundtrack

I do this every year. These songs are what I loved this year, or what reminds me of this year, and are arranged in my preferred listening order. The playlist usually fits on an 80-minute CD, but NOT THIS YEAR! It's slightly longer! I am breaking the rules!

Download the zipped folder here. Or maybe you want to make a Spotify or Google playlist and post it in the comments? You could do that!

If the songs get lost in your media library, just search for the ones with the genre labeled "Dan2015".

Wolf Alice - Giant Peach

A tweet from Buzzfeed and Fluxblog’s Matthew Perpetua claimed this song’s climax was the best musical moment of the year, so I bought the album based on that and good reviews. It is my favorite song on the album, and I understand 10% of the lyrics.

Donnie Iris - Ah! Leah!

This appears in episode 2 of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, as Elizabeth Banks is walking into camp. It sounded familiar, and technology told me that it was this one-hit wonder. “You’re looking better than a body has a right to” is right up there with “Hey, sister, just give me a chance to get next to you” in the pantheon of amazing pickup lines I’ll never get the opportunity to use.

Beck - Dreams

Beck won the Best Album Grammy last year for a repeat of his sad-sack bullshit Sea Change redux, Morning Phase. We need to stop supporting his melancholy music -- leave that stuff to Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens or whoever. Only one man can turn on Sexx Laws mode like this. We need your exultant funk, Beck!
Craig Wedren - I am a Wolf, You are the Moon

This is the sing-along Paul Rudd’s character leads at the Electro-City after-party, when DJ Skimask is taking a break, I guess.

Def Leppard - Animal

Our kids need to go places when they get antsy, and the city library is one of the places we take them. The kids’ section is basically a playground, which is nice for us but not so nice for the rest of the suckers spending time at the library. The CD racks caught my eye, so I decided I’d methodically make my way through the rock section to see what was in there. I have no idea why libraries get the CDs they do, but I PAY MY TAXES AND I WANT WHAT’S COMING TO ME. I checked out a lot of CDs. Def Leppard’s greatest album was among them.

Torres - Cowboy Guilt

I have nothing to say about this except that I like it.

Sky Ferreira - I Blame Myself

This is a song I like from a 23-year-old model! I picked up the CD from the library when I recognized the cover from a best-of list I read (on the AV Club, maybe?). It’s kinda hard to forget the cover image, because it’s a young model in a shower with her boobs out and everything and she’s all pouty, like, “Oh man, I’m stuck in this hot shower all naked but I’d rather be in the beat lab recording some hot jams!”.

Hot Chip - Huarache Lights

Replace us with the things that do the job better. This is a song about getting older.

Liz Phair - Stratford-on-Guy

I spent a day at the airport in March, waiting to fly. I left the house around 8:30 in the morning and left the ground around 6:30 in the evening. I had loaded up with music from the Fiery Furnaces, who hail from the Chicago area, and planned to immerse myself in that over the trip. But since I had listened to Liz Phair in the previous weeks, she is who ended up popping in my head. I was flying into Chicago at night.

Colin Hay - Next Year People (live on Comedy Bang Bang podcast, January 8, 2015)

This came at the end of the podcast, when I was getting close to my work parking lot. The lyrics and the mood of the song hit me hard - maybe it’s living in Kansas during a drought, growing up on a farm. Holy shit, what a grim song. It’s a wonder I was able to work that day, much less the rest of the year.

Mike Adams at His Honest Weight - Be Free, Live Well
Mike Adams at His Honest Weight - I’m Worried
Mike Adams at His Honest Weight - Findings of Feeling, Findings of Fact

Ok, yes, this is three songs by the same artist on one playlist. It's simply not done. UNTIL NOW. This album was referenced several times by Dave Hill on his podcast/radio show, so I listened to it once on Spotify and thought, "Okay." But then I bought it anyway. And I came to adore these first 3 songs off the album. The majority of my listening in the first 3 months of 2015 was this album, so why not represent that importance in the playlist, guys? WHY NOT?? (I also got to see them live when they came through town in October, settling in for their set after seeing Alcides Escobar knock in Alex Gordon in the 3rd inning of their Game 1 victory over Toronto in the ALCS.

Thee Oh Sees - Web

This jam has some tasty licks.

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

This is the song I will always associate with Shawn's Portland bachelor party.

of Montreal - Colossus

An interview with the singer/songwriter tells me that this song was heavily influenced by Sylvia Plath, which explains why it's kind of horrific. But that bass line is smooth, and the harmonies are nice!

Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian at Best

This is a great song. You can listen to the music it absent-mindedly and love it, or you can amaze at the verbose lyrics. She's said it was partially inspired by "Cannonball" by The Breeders, which is also a great song.

Blur - Ong Ong

Two years in a row for Blur on my soundtrack! This must be why they boys got back together and recorded a new album.

Chvrches - Clearest Blue

Corinne's brother went to Game 6 of the ALCS, opening up a spot for me to see Chvrches, who closed with this song. Bag was also there with his new bride, and we waited on top of the parking garage for traffic to clear, watching Bag's phone as Eric Hosmer battled against Roberto Osuna; the game was only in the 8th inning because of an earlier rain delay. Between the time we decided to shut off the phone and the time we started our cars, Lorenzo Cain had ran from first to home on Hosmer's single. I drove home listening to delightful postgame analysis.

Craig Wedren and Baby - Until Summer

This is in the closing credits of the very same WHAS episode that "Ah! Leah!" is featured. Wedren put a bunch of the WHAS songs on Soundcloud, and I would listen to that playlist quite often at work.

Sleater-Kinney - A New Wave

Some mornings in the weeks after this album was released, I would connect my phone to the living room stereo and rock out. On several occasions, one of the kids would dance along, sticking out their butts in a humorous way and bouncing with their knees. I wanted to shoot video of it but alas, my video-recording device was being used to play the music. This is the struggle of our modern world.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Titletown Texts

Well, I spent a good hour messing around searching for gifs and video clip embeds and photo upload jingle jangle, and I am giving up! If you need a refresh of what happened in the final game of the 2015 World Series, here it is in full, or you can skip to 2:45

So after Harvey "NO WAY!"d and walked Cain and Hosmer doubled Cain in, I sent this text to Bag:

And after Hosmer scored on the wild throw:

And after the Royals onslaught ended and Wade Davis came in to finish things off:

Sadly, Fox did not cut to millionaire Kevin James' sad, Mets-loving face. But we did win the World Series, so that was pretty good.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Take Me Down To Podcast City

When Janet asked me to guess what she would title her Guns N’ Roses podcast, I took ten minutes to think. My best guess was Get in the Ring.

I had additional guesses:

Illusion Users
Can’t Get Enough of that Wonderful Duff
You Talkin’ GnR to Me?
What’s So Civil About Podcasts, Anyway?
GnR - Lies (and Truths)
Slash Fiction

And as it turns out, not of these were correct. However, the lone podcast solely dedicated to GnR I was able to find is named Get in the Ring. Whoa! Great minds think alike! Or, if all of their podcast episodes are the same as the only one I listened to, a great mind and a few not great minds think alike!

I was interested to see how other podcasters had named their fan appreciation shows, but was surprised to find few results in my searches. After the relatively large (and very wonderful!) impact of “U Talkin’ U2 To Me”, I figured I would find a podcast for every big band from the ‘90s, but as far as I can tell, that’s not the case. Pearl Jam podcasts seemed the lone exception --  Evil Little Goats (named after an outtake!) and Given to Cast both exist, but even those seemed to burn out after a few episodes.

I suppose it’s easier to talk about a plot-driven television show than a collection of music, but I still find it strange that we live in a world where every episode of Gilmore Girls gets a podcast, but not every album of Radiohead.

If it’s podcast names that is keeping these would-be shows from existing, allow me to help:

Pearl Jam
Elderly Woman Behind a Counter Listening to a Pearl Jam Appreciation Podcast
Glorified P
Can’t Find a Better Podcast
Stream the Black Circle

Stone Temple Pilots
Podcasts from the Vatican Gift Shop
Art School Girlfriends
The Purple Core
Creep(s): A Stone Temple Pilots Podcast

Creep(s): A Radiohead Podcast
Planet Telex
Kid, A Podcast
OK Computer, Download This Podcast Please

Podcasts in the Attic
Podcasts in an Elevator
Janie’s Got a Podcast
Cryin’ (and Podcastin’)
Podcasting (Is Hard on the Knees)

Come Together: Not a Beatles Podcast, an Aerosmith Podcast

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Still Stellar

I re-watched an episode of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp last night, and while that series was nearly everything I hoped for, I would still rank Stella as the greatest thing that David Wain or Michael Ian Black or Mikey Sho has done. (You likely remember Stella from my January 2005 post about the series being picked up by Comedy Central.)

Fast Company recently interviewed the Stella three, and I have compiled the dildo-related portions, including a Confucius-level final thought from David Wain:

DW: The shorts were pretty raunchy and crazy and unrestrained in just about every way.

MIB: The tone, the absurdity, the dildos—all of it just came pretty naturally. Whatever we thought was funny, we did. The stakes were so low. And the thing with the dildo was, once you buy one, you kind of have to amortize the cost. So we kept using it.

DW: We didn't think the show was nearly as left-of-center as I guess, in retrospect, it was. We thought we were doing the very mainstream, commercial version of what we do. But I suppose that it takes more than abstaining from sucking on dildos to make something truly mainstream.

Jelly remover for photo albums, you guys.

David's Cousin from TheState on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Operation: Crime Against Music

I went to the library on Sunday with the wife and kids, to kill some time in an air conditioned environment. There is a small, kinda strange music section - who knows why they carry the CDs they do - that I browsed, thinking I’d take home a few and rip them for my mp3 collection.

Looking through the Heavy Metal section, I came across a Queensryche album I didn’t recognize that had a few of their hit songs in the tracklisting. Jeff had just texted me a few weeks earlier:
Recipe for blowing this day out of the water: go back and listen to “Jet City Woman”. Hearing this yesterday led me to pay real American dollars to buy a Queensryche album in 2015.
He said it was remastered, so I figured this album was some kind of remastered greatest hits compilation, so I grabbed it.

Before I ripped it later that night, I checked Wikipedia for the story behind this “Frequency Unknown” album. Whoops, it was a cash grab featuring re-recorded versions of their hit songs:
Frequency Unknown is an album released by Geoff Tate's temporary version of the American progressive heavy metal band Queensrÿche. It was released as the thirteenth studio album under the Queensrÿche moniker in a time no settlement or juridical decision determined whether Tate or the other band members were entitled to use the name Queensrÿche.
Listening to the redone hits is like listening to a band that re-formed to tour State Fairs. I will not be archiving these mp3s.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Pronunciation CrISIS

March 24, 2014. An acclaimed cheap restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown. Across a table of rice, crispy duck, and shrimp in mayonnaise sauce, Janet asks a question.

“So… How do you pronounce your last name?”

(I pronounce my last name)

“Oh, like ISIS?!”

It was a bummer of a realization, but I now own it. When I spoke to a high school class last month, I corrected the teacher’s pronunciation with Janet’s mnemonic. The class laughed and the teacher pronounced me correctly during when introducing me in the following hour.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Better Binge Saul

Tomorrow's looking good!

James will pick up Muncher’s donuts
shared donuts=6 mini orange rolls
Dan’s main donut=cream cheese donut
James’ main donut=
Dan will grab spicy bloody mary mix and snacks:
    snack1=cheese puffs
Dan will just make drip coffee because it’ll taste good enough with the donuts.
Begin episode 2
Begin episode 3
Begin episode 4
Break. Bloody Mary prep.
Begin episode 5
Place order for Harold’s
Begin episode 6
Break. Walk to Harold’s for lunch. Walk back.
Begin episode 7
Begin episode 8
Break. Drink final beer of day.
Begin episode 9
Begin episode 10

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

2015 March Madness - Final 4 and Championship Results

You guys, Brandon won. 602.5 points, 15.5 more than Gav’s 587. Shawn came on strong in the end behind Sam “Upper” Dekker and Tyus “Apple Valley” Jones.

Taurean PrinceBaylorNo0280000028
Ryan ArcidiaconoVillanovaNo02110000031
Melo TrimbleMarylandNo02721000048
Marcus PaigeNorth CarolinaNo019301800067
Pat ConnaughtonNotre DameNo0122130190082
Bryce AlfordUCLANo04241.521.5000105
Trevor LaceyNC StateNo032.53841000111.5
Jahlil OkaforDukeYes0263612192611130
Kris DunnProvidenceNo0100000010
Rico GathersBaylorNo0210000021
Darrun Hilliard IIVillanovaNo01728000045
Bobby PortisArkansasNo03136000067
Jordan SibertDaytonNo262817000071
Demetrius JacksonNotre DameNo024172460071
Joseph YoungOregonNo050560000106
Frank KaminskyWisconsinYes0422527353235196
Tyler KalinoskiDavidsonNo019.50000019.5
Dakari JohnsonKentuckyNo077195-1037
Thomas WalkupSF AustinNo038.50000038.5
Sir'Dominic PointerSt John'sNo051.50000051.5
Elgin CookOregonNo04110.5000051.5
Dyshawn PierreDaytonNo224726000095
Tyus JonesDukeYes0211520261728127
Sam DekkerWisconsinYes0242234322023155
Jameel McKayIowa StateNo0290000029
Nic MooreSMUNo0290000029
Kyle CollinsworthBYUNo32.500000032.5
Tyler HawsBYUNo62.500000062.5
Stefan MoodyMississippiNo45280000073
D'Angelo RussellOhio StNo054.532000086.5
Jerian GrantNotre DameNo0232423230093
Quinn CookDukeYes0332115172212120
Kenny CheryBaylorNo0140000014
Monte MorrisIowa StateNo0240000024
Justin MossBuffaloNo030.50000030.5
Seth TuttleNorthern IowaNo02521000046
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonArizonaNo0332511250094
Kyle WiltjerGonzagaNo02931242100105
Karl-Anthony TownsKentuckyNo03516234260113
Josh GasserWisconsinYes0161115164971
Jacob ParkerSF AustinNo0130000013
Phil Forte IIIOklahoma StNo025.50000025.5
JayVaughn PinkstonVillanovaNo01719000036
Juwan StatenWest VirginiaNo022121500049
Andrew HarrisonKentuckyNo02210211120084
Wayne BlackshearLouisvilleNo0261511330085
Fred VanVleetWichita StNo034293600099
T.J. McConnellArizonaNo02135271800101
Justin AndersonVirginiaNo0218000029
Dylan EnnisVillanovaNo02112000033
Anthony GillVirginiaNo02218000040
Devin BookerKentuckyNo06915137050
Brandon AshleyArizonaNo018910210058
Kevin PangosGonzagaNo026191850068
Trey LylesKentuckyNo0192525129090
Nigel HayesWisconsinYes0262317151613110
LaDontae HentonProvidenceNo0300000030
Malcolm BrogdonVirginiaNo02613000039
Daniel OchefuVillanovaNo02816000044
Ron BakerWichita StNo025171900061
Stanley JohnsonArizonaNo030151960070
Buddy HieldOklahomaNo021252900075
Montrezl HarrellLouisvilleNo0112235290097
Traevon JacksonWisconsinYes0005-19720
Georges NiangIowa StateNo0180000018
Dez WellsMarylandNo01610000026
Le'Bryan NashOklahoma StNo033.50000033.5
Perry EllisKansasNo01224000036
Frank Mason IIIKansasNo03018000048
Jordan MickeyLSUNo049.50000049.5
Willie Cauley-SteinKentuckyNo02015231210080
Branden DawsonMichigan StNo024272022180111

His late-round draft picks sealed his fate, getting a massive 105 points from Bryce Freaking Alford, his final pick, and 111.5 from Trevor Lacey, his second-to-last pick. If that SMU guy hadn't goal-tended Alford's terrible shot at the end of that game, we'd have ourselves a different winner, and we'd all have had a good laugh at the hotshot who wanted into our league and couldn't even win with the top draft pick.

Late-round draft dandies
Brandon880Bryce AlfordUCLA105335
Gav879Jordan SibertDayton71324
Stu871Wayne BlackshearLouisville85421
Dan766Stefan MoodyMississippi73237
Brandon761Trevor LaceyNC State111.5337
Gav659Demetrius JacksonNotre Dame71418
Matt658Josh GasserWisconsin71612
Bob656Kevin PangosGonzaga68417

Gav was undone by Providence's Kris Dunn, who only scored 10 points in their opening round loss. Dunn was the worst player drafted, though in Gav's defense, he was his second-to-last pick. The median score among all players on the draft spreadsheet was 39 points.

In hindsight, the worst pick of the draft was between Chris’ 2nd-round selection of George Niang, Chuck or Bob’s 2nd-round Virginia picks, or I guess you could make a case that I shouldn't have drafted BYU triple-double-threat Kyle Collinsworth with the 26th pick. Or maybe the worst picks were for Kentucky's supporting cast? Towns, Lyles, and future D-League superstar Andrew Harrison were the only KY players to crack the top 30. Chris' reasonable #4 pick of Cauley-Stein was barely better than Gonzaga's backup center.

2014-15 NCAA Tourney Fantasy Points Scored
1Gav12Frank KaminskyWisconsin1196
2Brian213Justise WinslowDuke1166
3Shawn212Sam DekkerWisconsin1155
4Brandon11Jahlil OkaforDuke1130
5Shawn19Tyus JonesDuke1127
6..Denzel ValentineMichigan St7127
7..Travis TriceMichigan St7122
8Dan16Quinn CookDuke1120
9Brian433Terry RozierLouisville4114
10Matt13Karl-Anthony TownsKentucky1113
11Brandon761Trevor LaceyNC State8111.5
12Chris544Branden DawsonMichigan St7111
13Bob15Nigel HayesWisconsin1110
14..Norman PowellUCLA11108.5
15..Tony ParkerUCLA11107.5
16Gav439Joseph YoungOregon8106
17Brandon880Bryce AlfordUCLA11105
18Matt218Kyle WiltjerGonzaga2105
19Stu110T.J. McConnellArizona2101
20Stu431Fred VanVleetWichita St799
21..Zach AugusteNotre Dame398
22Chuck327Montrezl HarrellLouisville497
23Shawn432Dyshawn PierreDayton1195
24Matt543Rondae Hollis-JeffersonArizona294
25Dan215Jerian GrantNotre Dame393
26..Kevon LooneyUCLA1192.5
27Bob325Trey LylesKentucky190
28Dan435D'Angelo RussellOhio St1086.5
29Stu871Wayne BlackshearLouisville485
30Stu211Andrew HarrisonKentucky184
31..Robert BrownUAB1482.5
32Brandon321Pat ConnaughtonNotre Dame382
33..Marcquise ReedRobert Morris1681
34..Anthony BarberNC State881
35..Bronson KoenigWisconsin181
36Chris14Willie Cauley-SteinKentucky180
37..R.J. HunterGeorgia St1479
38..Matt StainbrookXavier678
39..Kaleb TarczewskiArizona276
40..Domantas SabonisGonzaga276
41..Rodney PryorRobert Morris1675.5
42Chuck434Buddy HieldOklahoma375
43..Isaac HamiltonUCLA1173.5
44Dan766Stefan MoodyMississippi1173
45..TaShawn ThomasOklahoma373
46..Kendall PollardDayton1172
47Gav879Jordan SibertDayton1171
48Gav659Demetrius JacksonNotre Dame371
49Matt658Josh GasserWisconsin171
50Chuck17Stanley JohnsonArizona270
51..Przemek KarnowskiGonzaga269
52Bob656Kevin PangosGonzaga268
53..Lucky JonesRobert Morris1668
54Gav542Bobby PortisArkansas567
55Brandon440Marcus PaigeNorth Carolina467
56Brian18Aaron HarrisonKentucky165
57..Jakob PoeltlUtah563
58..Devin WilliamsWest Virginia563
59Dan875Tyler HawsBYU1162.5
60..Gary ClarkCincinnati861.5
61Chuck767Ron BakerWichita St761
62..Darius CarterWichita St760
63..Michael QuallsArkansas559
64Bob765Brandon AshleyArizona258
65Brian548Brice JohnsonNorth Carolina458
66..Aaron WhiteIowa758
67..Reggie JohnsonHampton1658
68..Ralston TurnerNC State857.5
69..Troy CaupainCincinnati856.5
70..J.J. O'BrienSDSU856
71..J.P. TokotoNorth Carolina456
72..Delon WrightUtah555
73..Byron WesleyGonzaga255
74..Justin JacksonNorth Carolina454
75..Wesley SaundersHarvard1353.5
76..Ryan SpanglerOklahoma353
77..Tekele CottonWichita St753
78..Ladarius WhiteMississippi1152.5
79..Jarvis SummersMississippi1152
80..Amile JeffersonDuke152
81Shawn872Elgin CookOregon851.5
82Shawn652Sir'Dominic PointerSt John's951.5
83..Sam ThompsonOhio St1051
84..Tim QuartermanLSU950.5
85..Craig BradshawBelmont1550.5
86Bob545Devin BookerKentucky150
87Brian328D'Vauntes Smith-RiveraGeorgetown450
88..Gabe YorkArizona250
89Chris437Jordan MickeyLSU949.5
90Stu770Juwan StatenWest Virginia549
91..Beau BeechNorth Florida1649
92..Brandon TaylorUtah549
93..Dillon BrooksOregon848.5
94Chris764Frank Mason IIIKansas248
95Brandon541Melo TrimbleMaryland448
96..Jarrod UthoffIowa748
97..Jae'Sean TateOhio St1048
98..Jarell MartinLSU947
99..Jordan WoodardOklahoma347
100..Bryn ForbesMichigan St747
101Matt438Seth TuttleNorthern Iowa546
102..Derrick MarksBoise St1146
103..Darion AtkinsVirginia246
104..Shannon ScottOhio St1045.5
105..Chris CokleyUAB1445.5
106Gav219Darrun Hilliard IIVillanova145
107Chuck547Daniel OchefuVillanova144
108..Chase FischerBYU1144
109..Andrew ChrabasczButler644
110..Octavius EllisCincinnati843.5
111..D'Angelo HarrisonSt John's943
112..A.J. HammonsPurdue943
113..Tyler HarveyE Washington1343
114..Warren GillisCoastal Carolina1642.5
115..Winston ShepardSDSU842.5
116..Troy WilliamsIndiana1041.5
117..Anthony Hickey Jr.Oklahoma St941
118..Venky JoisE Washington1341
119..Dan TristLafayette1641
120..Roosevelt JonesButler641
121Bob436Anthony GillVirginia240
122..Jalen NesbittNorth Florida1640
123..Myles DavisXavier640
124Chuck214Malcolm BrogdonVirginia239
125Shawn549Thomas WalkupSF Austin1238.5
126..Yogi FerrellIndiana1038.5
127..Scott EathertonNortheastern1438
128..Shane RichardsManhattan1638
129..Spencer CollinsWofford1237.5
130Shawn329Dakari JohnsonKentucky137
131..Marcus ThorntonGeorgia1037
132..Larry Nance Jr.Wyoming1236.5
133..David WalkerNortheastern1436.5
134Stu330JayVaughn PinkstonVillanova136
135Chris324Perry EllisKansas236
136..Devonte GrahamKansas236
137..Kellen DunhamButler636
138..Deron PowersHampton1635.5
139..Will Davis IIUC Irvine1335
140..Isaiah CousinsOklahoma335
141..Jordan LoveridgeUtah535
142..Charles MannGeorgia1034
143..Alec PetersValparaiso1334
144..Dallas MooreNorth Florida1634
145Chris657Le'Bryan NashOklahoma St933.5
146..Sam RowleyAlbany1433.5
147Bob876Dylan EnnisVillanova133
148..Karl CochranWofford1233
149Dan326Kyle CollinsworthBYU1132.5
150..Farad CobbCincinnati832.5
151..Jonathan HolmesTexas1132
152..Peter HooleyAlbany1431.5
153Brandon220Ryan ArcidiaconoVillanova131
154..James Webb IIIBoise St1131
155..Kennedy MeeksNorth Carolina431
156Matt878Justin MossBuffalo1230.5
157..Nemanja DjurisicGeorgia1030.5
158Chuck874LaDontae HentonProvidence630
159..Evan SingletaryAlbany1430
160..Lawrence AlexanderN Dakota St1530
161..Rashad MaddenArkansas530
162..Shannon EvansBuffalo1229.5
163..Pascal SiakamNew Mexico St1529.5
164..Elijah WilsonCoastal Carolina1629.5
165Dan655Jameel McKayIowa State329
166Dan546Nic MooreSMU629
167Bob216Justin AndersonVirginia229
168..Siyani ChambersHarvard1329
169..Tshilidzi NephaweNew Mexico St1529
170..Josh HartVillanova129
171..Nate BussNorthern Iowa529
172..Jon OcteusPurdue928.5
173Brandon660Taurean PrinceBaylor328
174..Isaiah TaylorTexas1128
175..London PerrantesVirginia228
176..Tevonn WalkerValparaiso1327.5
177..Mamadou NdiayeUC Irvine1327.5
178..Jordan BarhamDavidson1027
179..Seth HinrichsLafayette1627
180Chris877Dez WellsMaryland426
181..Jabril TrawickGeorgetown426
182Stu651Phil Forte IIIOklahoma St925.5
183..Madarious GibbsTexas Southern1525.5
184..Josh CameronCoastal Carolina1625.5
185..Markus KennedySMU625
186..Jack GibbsDavidson1025
187..James Blackmon Jr.Indiana1025
188..Quincy FordNortheastern1425
189..Deon MitchellNorthern Iowa525
190..Luke NelsonUC Irvine1324.5
191Brian873Kelly Oubre Jr.Kansas224
192Matt323Monte MorrisIowa State324
193..Emmy AndujarManhattan1624
194..Jamari TraylorKansas224
195..Rysheed JordanSt John's923.5
196..Treveon GrahamVCU723
197..Kenny GainesGeorgia1023
198..Evan BraddsBelmont1522.5
199..Ashton PankeyManhattan1622.5
200..Chris ThomasTexas Southern1522
201..Marc LovingOhio St1022
202..Jevon CarterWest Virginia522
203..Phil Greene IVSt John's921.5
204..Brian SullivanDavidson1021.5
205..Daniel MullingsNew Mexico St1521.5
206..Shivaughn WigginsCoastal Carolina1621.5
207Gav322Rico GathersBaylor321
208..Melvin JohnsonVCU721
209..Trevon BluiettXavier621
210Brian653Aqeel QuinnSDSU820.5
211Brian768Jake LaymanMaryland420
212Chuck654Traevon JacksonWisconsin120
213..Gabriel OlaseniIowa720
214Shawn769Tyler KalinoskiDavidson1019.5
215..Josh AdamsWyoming1219.5
216..Reece ChamberlainBelmont1519.5
217..Remi BarryNew Mexico St1519.5
218..Rapheal DavisPurdue919
219..Steve Moundou-MissiHarvard1319
220..Joshua SmithGeorgetown419
221..Darien WalkerValparaiso1318.5
222Chris217Georges NiangIowa State318
223..Keith HornsbyLSU918