Saturday, January 10, 2015

Trailer Trash

We had to sit through these three trailers ALL IN A ROW last night before watching The Imitation Game.

I can bearly stand this, you guys!

That Richard Gere is pure sex, guys! Even your 65-year-old aunt that they targeted this movie toward is like, "Too formulaic. If I wanted to watch some dried up old bitches snipe at one another I'd go to my hairdresser!"

Let's watch Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow "pretend" to be kooky socialites! JK let's kill ourselves!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

2014 Recap - Podcasts

The best podcast episodes of the year, according to me, who listens to a lot of podcasts.Like, a lot! Sometimes I listen to one while we're getting the children awake and ready to go, then one on my commute, one on my way home, and one or two during an evening (if I am playing PlayStation during that evening).

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

“Hail Satan” is a very distant third place among the ADPPP episodes, but I loved the “Chip’s Tips / Tip’s Chips” segment very much. The other two episodes are modern classics and likely the finest two podcast episodes of any year.

You Made It Weird

I usually find Pete Holmes’ podcast to be too self-centered and repetitive, but these two episodes were special. Harris Wittels’ story of breaking up with a Scientologist that leads to buying heroin in an LA park is crazy, and Dave Hill’s tale of performing stand-up comedy at Sing Sing prison is crazy good. While Dave Hill’s “The Goddamn Dave Hill Show” podcast is not on this list, I do look forward to it every week.

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

This is just good advice about who should be baking Nabisco’s gingersnaps.

U Talkin U2 to Me?

Todd Glass was invited onto this sort-of U2-centered podcast to discuss the nu-metal band Staind. Why Glass? Because his surname combined with Staind made a funny title. Why Staind? Because Scott (Scott A., not A. Scott) likes to sing the titular opening lyrics to Staind’s “It’s Been Awhile” after people say “It’s been awhile” in casual conversation.

Comedy Bang Bang

These two episodes stand out as the top of the crop from another great year of CBB. Every guest and character in both episodes are consistently hilarious, from the priest to H.R. Geiger to the elf to Aimee Mann. The holiday episode also features a great dissection of why “The Little Drummer Boy” has terrible lyrics.

Uhh Yeah Dude

About 36 hours into his life, it was decided that my son needed to be transferred to another hospital for some CPAP therapy. It was late at night when I got in my car to drive over to that hospital, and I had to decide what to listen to on the trip. You aren’t in the mood to crank some classic Beatles tunes when you are concerned for the welfare of your newborn, and you don’t want to cry along to Elliott Smith while you’re trying to keep your car on the road. I mean, they don’t really have any Spotify playlist for those kinds of emotions. I decided to listen to Uhh Yeah Dude. It wasn’t a favorite episode, just the one from the week prior that I hadn’t heard yet. It was definitely the right move. I’ve been down with UYD for 200-some episodes by now, and my two old friends talked me through it.