Monday, March 28, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - Round of 8 Results

The rich get richer during the Elite Eight, as four of the top seven studs from those games belong to Big Game Bob:


1Bob16Brice JohnsonN. Carolina138.0
2Brian13Buddy HieldOklahoma235.0
3Bob655Michael GbinijeSyracuse1032.5
4Bob435Elgin CookOregon129.0
5James19Malcolm BrogdonVirginia126.0
6Bob326Chris BoucherOregon123.0
7James652Daniel OchefuVillanova222.0

I don't know about you folks, but Perry Ellis and KU losing to Villanova was a lot easier to take sitting firmly in second-to-last place than if I was battling at the top of the leaderboard. Svi scored zero points in their loss, no surprise. Auguste had a disappointing final game for Gav, who is now out of players.

Hey, can we talk about Ryan Spangler for a quick sec? Yeah? Thanks. He was my second-round pick, and I chose him over the other OU guards because I thought he was pretty good, averaging a 10/10. In the tourney, he's averaged about 6/7. What a turd. A sweaty, sweaty turd.


1Stu874Sviatoslav MykhailiukKansas10
2Dan12Perry EllisKansas17
3Shawn211Dillon BrooksOregon18
4Gavin657Zach AugusteNotre Dame68
5James432Kennedy MeeksN. Carolina111
6Dan219Ryan SpanglerOklahoma211
7Bob215Anthony GillVirginia115

Oh, Bob's already beaten his own record. He's got 743.5, and 3 players still active, including that Syracuse guy.

The Syracuse guy, Gbinije, is up to 153 points, and still trails Sabonis for now. Brice Johnson and Buddy Hield are also rising to the top.

Can any of the remaining players set a record for fantasy points by an owned player? Here's the record book:

239.5  Julius Randle Kentucky 2014 (1.5x bonus) 
193.5  Jarnell Stokes Tennessee 2014 (1.5x bonus) 
196     Frank Kaminsky Wisconsin 2015 
196     Kemba Walker, Connecticut 2011
194     Anthony Davis, Kentucky 2012
190     Cleanthony Early, Wichita St 2013 (1.5x bonus)

And perhaps now is a good time to evaluate our late-round draft dandies:

1Gavin877Fred VanVleetWichita St.111.0337.0
2Brian878Marc-Eddy NoreliaFla Gulf Coast82.0241.0
3James872Monte MorrisIowa St.67.0322.3
4Luke873Marshall PlumleeDuke62.0320.7
5Chris761Landen LucasKansas95.0423.8
6Stu767Wes WashpunNorthern Iowa74.5237.2
7Dan762Isaiah MilesSt. Joseph's68.5234.2
8Bob766Roosevelt JonesButler66.5233.2
9Luke768Shaquille HarrisonTulsa53.5153.5
10Gavin764Josh ScottColorado52.5152.5

Landen Lucas gets my vote! 95 points without the benefit of the 1.5x multiplier! That's 3 more points than what I got with Perry Ellis, the top player taken from the same team with the second pick in the draft. Wowza! I'll be Chris and Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde had a good laugh about that at my expense.

I will probably wait until after the championship for the final analysis rather than post after the Final Four games. See you then.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - Round of 16 Results

There were many blowouts in the Sweet Sixteen, but yesterday had two matchups that went down to the wire. Notre Dame (one owned player) beat Wisconsin (zero owned players). And Syracuse (one owned player) beat Gonzaga (two owned players). So farewell to Domantas Sabonis and Kyle Wiltjer, who had amazing runs. Sabonis is currently the fantasy leader with 171.5 points - the next highest owned player is from Bob, Syracuse's Michael Gbinije, with 120.5.

Also having nice games were Niang for Gav, Jenkins for Brian, Gill for Bob, and Ingram for James.


1Chris321Domantas SabonisGonzaga1161.0
2Shawn330Kyle WiltjerGonzaga1149.5
3Bob655Michael GbinijeSyracuse1043.5
4Gavin324Georges NiangIowa St.438.0
5Brian323Kris JenkinsVillanova234.0
6Bob215Anthony GillVirginia133.0
7James549Brandon IngramDuke433.0

You know who sucked, though? Devonte Graham, again. He cramped his way to a 5 point game. Svi, the final-round selection, again outscored Graham, the first-round selection.


1Chuck15Devonte' GrahamKansas15
2Stu874Sviatoslav MykhailiukKansas16
3Shawn871Abdel NaderIowa St.411
4Chris660Danuel HouseTexas A&M311
5Luke873Marshall PlumleeDuke411
6Dan439Tyler DorseyOregon113
7Chuck325Isaiah CousinsOklahoma214

On Sunday night, I said that Bob would want a KU or Nova loss to push him to the seat of bird-cats, and I was dead wrong, and I'll be the first person to admit it. Bob still has 6 active players, and gets yet another game from the one and only 1.5x multiplier left, his Syracuse dude. 

The scatterplot shows Sabonis' dominance so far. He's doubled what Perry Ellis has done!

Right, so let's look at this again.

1Bob590.0         2 Oregon, 1 Oklahoma, 1 Syracuse, 1 UNC, 1 Virginia = 6     
2Gavin586.0 KU's Mason III and ND's Auguste = 2     
3James542.02 UNC supporting players, 1 Nova, Virginia's Brogdon = 4     
4Shawn539.0Oregon's Brooks and KU's Selden = 2     
5Brian501.0 OU's Hield, 1 UNC, 1 Nova, 1 Virginia = 4     
6Chris480.0KU's Lucas = 1     
7Luke464.0Nova white guy = 1     
8Stu444.5KU's bench player, 1 Nova, UNC's Paige = 3     
9Dan379.5 1 Oregon, OU's Spangler, KU's Ellis = 3     
10Chuck286.5 KU's Graham, OU's Cousins = 2     

For Bob to fall out of favor, you need a Final Four of OU, Virginia, Notre Dame, and probably Nova. If that happens, Bob would "only" have two guys in the Final Four, while Brian would have three; if KU would advance, he could keep his two. If Nova and Notre Dame meet in the final, Brian might have a prayer, and if it's KU vs Notre Dame, Gav has a prayer. Even then, that prayer is probably "Please God, make a bunch of Bob's guys tear their knees in the layup line prior to the Elite Eight games."

Monday, March 21, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - Round of 32 Results

Before I show you the scores, ladies and gentlemen, let's remember that this whole thing is a dumb crapshoot and you can't blame yourself much for drafting a bad team, especially if you are the guy writing this. Hey, guy - you're a smart person and not a piece of shit who choked despite having the 2nd pick in the draft. Like, none of us drafted a single Wisconsin player. Do we feel dumb for that? No! That team is garbage that stinks like garbage, even if they did make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

So, what happened on Saturday and Sunday?


1Chuck436Kris DunnProvidence951.5
2Chris321Domantas SabonisGonzaga1149.5
3Bob655Michael GbinijeSyracuse1046.0
4Brian13Buddy HieldOklahoma243.0
5Bob766Roosevelt JonesButler940.5
6Chris220Ben BentilProvidence939.5
7Gavin544Daniel HamiltonConnecticut938.0

Some great performances were put together in losing efforts. The highly coveted Providence duo proved their worth in a loss to UNC, and Roosevelt Jones finished out his ninth year at Butler with style. Hield and Sabonis continued to excel.


1Stu874Sviatoslav MykhailiukKansas10
2Dan879Jordan LoveridgeUtah31
3James432Kennedy MeeksN. Carolina14
4James769James FarrXavier25
5Shawn651Myles DavisXavier25
6Bob326Chris BoucherOregon17
7Luke18Jakob PoeltlUtah310

Mr Irrelevant, a Utah forward who I still am not certain why I drafted, put up 1 lonely point in a crushing defeat to Gonzaga. He was better than Stu's Svi, who got 6 minutes of playing time, scoring one point and having that point subtracted by a turnover. Also in the bad group: two Xavier guys, a UNC backup, Oregon's shot blocker, and Luke's genetically superior Austrian NBA prospect.

So, Gavin has surpassed Luke for the lead, and is in the catbird seat with 4 players remaining. Or is he? Catbird seat? What is that? We'll breakdown the leaderboard and sort the contenders from the pretenders below. Not literally.

I am still proud of this stacked bar chart, even though that Cal guy and the Green Bay guy are on top of each other.

Players with the bonus multiplier are still the highest scoring, but Buddy Hield and other top-seeded players are creeping upward in value.


1Jeremy MorganNorthern Iowa1179.5
2Brandon SherrodYale1251.5
3JeQuan LewisVCU1050.5
4Thomas WalkupS.F. Austin1448.0
5DeAndre' BembrySt. Joseph's847.5
6Eric McClellanGonzaga1146.0
7Roger WoodsAR Little Rock1246.0

I mean, like I said above - am I supposed to feel dumb because I didn't pick some VCU guy? I do not. Kinda.

Looking ahead, let's see who's catbirding who's seats.

1 Gavin 481.0 4
2 Luke 423.0 2
3 Bob 411.5 6
4 Shawn 396.5 5
5 Chris 382.0 3
6 James 378.0 7
7 Brian 376.0 5
8 Stu 340.5 5
9 Dan 312.5 3
10 Chuck 267.5 2

1. Gav. He's still got 4 guys thanks to Texas A&M literally breaking Bill James' formula for when a lead is safe. A&M, Iowa State, KU, and Notre Dame could all potentially meet in the Final Four, but they won't. But if they do, congrats to Gav, the best of the best.

2. Luke. He's only got two guys left, and you guessed it, they're White. Duke's center and a Nova guard aren't gonna take him to the championship. 

3. Bob. This Kenpom stathead is rough and ready for more. His Syracuse guy should be bounced soon, but he's got a Virginia forward, an Oklahoma guard, two Oregon Ducks, and oh yeah, UNC's main man. If KU or Nova goes down soon, Bob might be catting birdseats very soon.

4. Shawn. He'll lose a player when Maryland and KU face off, and then lose another if OU and Oregon meet. Shawn's destined for the middle unless he can ride the Zag wave with Kyle Wiltjer to championshiptown.

5. Chris. Landon Lucas is averaging better numbers than expected, but who gives a shit, Chris is currently nothing but a Gonzaga jersey waving in the wind above the corpse of Denzel Valentine. Maybe they put up the jersey to help shield the corpse from the sun? It's a mystery. (He also has an A&M guy.)

6. James. He's got two Dukies, and two Tar Heels. If those two teams square off for the Division I Men's Championship, that would really work out nice for him. He's got a player each from Nova, Iowa State, and Virginia's finest Malcom Brogdon. If the Big 12 and Pac 12 fall, James could get up again, and you're never gonna keep him down.

7. Brian. Buddy Hield and Miami's McClellan are leading the way for him, and those two teams need to meet in the Final Four to give him the best chance to make up ground. The only man he has on the other side of the bracket is Virginia's point guard.

8. Stu. Five guys left, but really four since Svi barely plays. He really could have used Northern Iowa not suffering the worst loss of all time, but here we are. He'll lose Paige or Yogi Farrell when UNC meets Indiana, leaving him with Miami's Angel Rodriguez and a Nova guy. So it would have to be a Miami/Indiana final for him to have a prayer, and even then it's probably a really impossible prayer to a really insignificant god with very little power.

9. Dan. #1 pick Perry Ellis and also-rans from OU and Oregon. All on the left side of the bracket. Lame.

10. Chuck. Ouch, man. KU's lowest-scoring guard and an OU guard not named Hield.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - Round of 64 Results

Let's briefly cover the First Four games. Luke and Chuck each lost a player with Tulsa's loss; Shaq Harrison gave Luke 53.5 in the loss, and Chuck got 27 from James Woodard.

Luke also had Shocker Ron Baker, who got 39.5 in a win, and Gav got his backcourt partner VanVleet's 38.

The real stud of the play-in round was the Ragin' Haitian Marc-Eddy Norelia, given to Brian as a fun punishment, who stacked up 53 big ones.

Now, on to the round of 64!


1 Shawn 4 31 Josh Hagins AR Little Rock 12 73.5
2 Chris 3 21 Domantas Sabonis Gonzaga 11 61.0
3 Dan 6 59 A.J. English Iona 13 59.0
4 Gavin 7 64 Josh Scott Colorado 8 52.5
5 Chris 2 20 Ben Bentil Providence 9 46.5
6 Dan 7 62 Isaiah Miles St. Joseph's 8 45.0
7 Gavin 5 44 Daniel Hamilton Connecticut 9 40.5


1 Chuck 6 56 Jaylen Brown California 4 -1
2 Chuck 1 5 Devonte' Graham Kansas 1 9
3 Bob 8 75 Gary Clark Cincinnati 9 9
4 Gavin 2 17 Jalen Jones Texas A&M 3 10
5 James 4 32 Kennedy Meeks N. Carolina 1 10
6 Dan 2 19 Ryan Spangler Oklahoma 2 12
7 Chuck 2 16 Trevon Bluiett Xavier 2 13

Cal deserves mentioning. Three Cal players were drafted, including Tyrone Wallace, who broke his hand on Thursday. Unfortunately none of us noticed, so Brian earned zero points for that player. On the bright side, that's better than Chuck's Cal player, Jaylen Brown, whose 7 turnovers resulted in him earning negative one point before he fouled out. Chuck had more bad news from two other players - Graham only had 9 points despite Kansas' 100-point game, and Xavier's main man only got 13. Bob's Cinci guy was also a big pile of crap in their loss.

Shawn's Arkansas Little Rock player and Chris' Zag foreigner were the top point scorers, and both moved on to the round of 32.

Luke and Gavin are currently leading the way, sitting pretty with 6 and 7 players remaining. Chuck and Chris took the most damage, and have only 4 players left.

This stacked bar chart I worked so hard on is going to look bad the whole tournament, because of that Cal injury and that other Cal guy who was actually a worse pick than the injured guy.

As expected at this moment, the high seed players and their 1.5x multiplier are performing better than the 1-7 seed players.


Two-time Southland Conference POY Thomas Walkup was the greatest man no one drafted. Perhaps because he was drafted last year and got bounced in the first round by Utah?

1 Thomas Walkup S.F. Austin 14 74.5
2 Makai Mason Yale 12 59.5
3 Jordan Washington Iona 13 57.5
4 Jameel Warney Stony Brook 13 57.0
5 DeAndre' Bembry St. Joseph's 8 56.5
6 Jacob Evans III Cincinnati 9 53.0
7 JeQuan Lewis VCU 10 53.0

Here is the full list of owned players:

1 Bob Anthony Gill 1 0.0 31.0
2 Bob Brice Johnson 1 0.0 37.0
3 Bob Chris Boucher 1 0.0 25.0
4 Bob Elgin Cook 1 0.0 27.0
5 Bob Jordan Woodard 1 0.0 21.0
6 Bob Michael Gbinije 1 0.0 31.0
7 Bob Roosevelt Jones 1 0.0 26.0
8 Bob Gary Clark 0 0.0 9.0
9 Brian Buddy Hield 1 0.0 36.0
10 Brian Joel Berry II 1 0.0 22.0
11 Brian Kris Jenkins 1 0.0 17.0
12 Brian London Perrantes 1 0.0 20.0
13 Brian Sheldon McClellan 1 0.0 26.0
14 Brian Isaiah Whitehead 0 0.0 23.0
15 Brian Marc-Eddy Norelia 0 53.0 29.0
16 Brian Tyrone Wallace 0 0.0 0.0
17 Chris Ben Bentil 1 0.0 46.5
18 Chris Danuel House 1 0.0 24.0
19 Chris Domantas Sabonis 1 0.0 61.0
20 Chris Landen Lucas 1 0.0 24.0
21 Chris Bryn Forbes 0 0.0 15.0
22 Chris Denzel Valentine 0 0.0 27.0
23 Chris Devin Williams 0 0.0 26.0
24 Chris Michael Young 0 0.0 17.5
25 Chuck Devonte' Graham 1 0.0 9.0
26 Chuck Isaiah Cousins 1 0.0 23.0
27 Chuck Kris Dunn 1 0.0 35.5
28 Chuck Trevon Bluiett 1 0.0 13.0
29 Chuck A.J. Hammons 0 0.0 39.0
30 Chuck Carrington Love 0 0.0 20.5
31 Chuck James Woodard 0 27.0 0.0
32 Chuck Jaylen Brown 0 0.0 -1.0
33 Dan Isaiah Miles 1 0.0 45.0
34 Dan Jordan Loveridge 1 0.0 19.0
35 Dan Perry Ellis 1 0.0 24.0
36 Dan Ryan Spangler 1 0.0 12.0
37 Dan Tyler Dorsey 1 0.0 13.0
38 Dan A.J. English 0 0.0 59.0
39 Dan Jaysean Paige 0 0.0 16.0
40 Dan Matt Costello 0 0.0 35.0
41 Gavin Daniel Hamilton 1 0.0 40.5
42 Gavin Frank Mason III 1 0.0 14.0
43 Gavin Fred VanVleet 1 38.0 38.0
44 Gavin Georges Niang 1 0.0 38.0
45 Gavin Jalen Jones 1 0.0 10.0
46 Gavin Jamal Murray 1 0.0 27.0
47 Gavin Zach Auguste 1 0.0 21.0
48 Gavin Josh Scott 0 0.0 52.5
49 James Brandon Ingram 1 0.0 34.0
50 James Daniel Ochefu 1 0.0 35.0
51 James Grayson Allen 1 0.0 35.0
52 James James Farr 1 0.0 33.0
53 James Justin Jackson 1 0.0 17.0
54 James Kennedy Meeks 1 0.0 10.0
55 James Malcolm Brogdon 1 0.0 18.0
56 James Monte Morris 1 0.0 33.0
57 Luke Jakob Poeltl 1 0.0 35.0
58 Luke Jarrod Uthoff 1 0.0 31.0
59 Luke Marshall Plumlee 1 0.0 33.0
60 Luke Ron Baker 1 39.5 36.5
61 Luke Ryan Arcidiacono 1 0.0 19.0
62 Luke Tyler Ulis 1 0.0 16.0
63 Luke Shaquille Harrison 0 53.5 0.0
64 Luke Taurean Prince 0 0.0 35.0
65 Shawn Abdel Nader 1 0.0 24.0
66 Shawn Dillon Brooks 1 0.0 22.0
67 Shawn Josh Hagins 1 0.0 73.5
68 Shawn Kyle Wiltjer 1 0.0 28.0
69 Shawn Melo Trimble 1 0.0 21.0
70 Shawn Myles Davis 1 0.0 18.0
71 Shawn Wayne Selden Jr. 1 0.0 18.0
72 Shawn Tre' McLean 0 0.0 22.0
73 Stu Angel Rodriguez 1 0.0 36.0
74 Stu Josh Hart 1 0.0 20.0
75 Stu Marcus Paige 1 0.0 20.0
76 Stu Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk 1 0.0 25.0
77 Stu Wes Washpun 1 0.0 37.0
78 Stu Yogi Ferrell 1 0.0 30.0
79 Stu Ryan Anderson 0 0.0 19.0
80 Stu Zach Smith 0 0.0 21.0

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Madness Fantasy 2016 - The Draft

Wow, the world has just finished watching the first play-in game for the 2016 Men's Basketball Championship or whatever March Madness is officially called. Florida Gulf Coast dominated Farleigh-Dickinson, a school I refuse to take the time to look up the proper spelling of.

Last night was our fantasy draft. Let's take a look at the teams, and see how Florida Gulf Coast factors into our league.


11ChrisDenzel ValentineMichigan St.2MW
220ChrisBen BentilProvidence9E
321ChrisDomantas SabonisGonzaga11MW
440ChrisBryn ForbesMichigan St.2MW
541ChrisDevin WilliamsWest Virginia3E
660ChrisDanuel HouseTexas A&M3W
761ChrisLanden LucasKansas1S
880ChrisMichael YoungPittsburgh10E
12DanPerry EllisKansas1S
219DanRyan SpanglerOklahoma2E
322DanMatt CostelloMichigan St.2MW
439DanTyler DorseyOregon1W
542DanJaysean PaigeWest Virginia3E
659DanA.J. EnglishIona13MW
762DanIsaiah MilesSt. Joseph's8W
879DanJordan LoveridgeUtah3MW
13BrianBuddy HieldOklahoma2E
218BrianJoel Berry IIN. Carolina1E
323BrianKris JenkinsVillanova2S
438BrianLondon PerrantesVirginia1MW
543BrianSheldon McClellanMiami (FL)3S
658BrianIsaiah WhiteheadSeton Hall6MW
763BrianTyrone WallaceCalifornia4S
878BrianMarc-Eddy NoreliaFla Gulf Coast16E
14GavinFrank Mason IIIKansas1S
217GavinJalen JonesTexas A&M3W
324GavinGeorges NiangIowa St.4MW
437GavinJamal MurrayKentucky4E
544GavinDaniel HamiltonConnecticut9S
657GavinZach AugusteNotre Dame6E
764GavinJosh ScottColorado8S
877GavinFred VanVleetWichita St.11S
15ChuckDevonte' GrahamKansas1S
216ChuckTrevon BluiettXavier2E
325ChuckIsaiah CousinsOklahoma2E
436ChuckKris DunnProvidence9E
545ChuckA.J. HammonsPurdue5MW
656ChuckJaylen BrownCalifornia4S
765ChuckJames WoodardTulsa11E
876ChuckCarrington LoveGreen Bay14W
16BobBrice JohnsonN. Carolina1E
215BobAnthony GillVirginia1MW
326BobChris BoucherOregon1W
435BobElgin CookOregon1W
546BobJordan WoodardOklahoma2E
655BobMichael GbinijeSyracuse10MW
766BobRoosevelt JonesButler9MW
875BobGary ClarkCincinnati9W
17StuMarcus PaigeN. Carolina1E
214StuJosh HartVillanova2S
327StuRyan AndersonArizona6S
434StuAngel RodriguezMiami (FL)3S
547StuYogi FerrellIndiana5E
654StuZach SmithTexas Tech8MW
767StuWes WashpunNorthern Iowa11W
874StuTyler Self / Sviatoslav MykhailiukKansas1S
18LukeJakob PoeltlUtah3MW
213LukeTyler UlisKentucky4E
328LukeRon BakerWichita St.11S
433LukeJarrod UthoffIowa7S
548LukeRyan ArcidiaconoVillanova2S
653LukeTaurean PrinceBaylor5W
768LukeShaquille HarrisonTulsa11E
873LukeMarshall PlumleeDuke4W
19JamesMalcolm BrogdonVirginia1MW
212JamesGrayson AllenDuke4W
329JamesJustin JacksonN. Carolina1E
432JamesKennedy MeeksN. Carolina1E
549JamesBrandon IngramDuke4W
652JamesDaniel OchefuVillanova2S
769JamesJames FarrXavier2E
872JamesMonte MorrisIowa St.4MW
110ShawnWayne Selden Jr.Kansas1S
211ShawnDillon BrooksOregon1W
330ShawnKyle WiltjerGonzaga11MW
431ShawnJosh HaginsAR Little Rock12MW
550ShawnMelo TrimbleMaryland5S
651ShawnMyles DavisXavier2E
770ShawnCasey JonesChattanooga12E
871ShawnAbdel NaderIowa St.4MW


#1 overall seed Kansas had the most players selected, with 6. Well, 7 if you include Tyler Self, who was picked by Stu after I promised him a 15x multiplier for Self’s output. In case this incites a riot among owners, Stu selected KU’s Svi Mykhailiuk as Self’s replacement. North Carolina had 5 picks, and Oregon, Oklahoma, and Villanova each had 4 players drafted.


James’s team was autodrafted, and as a result (and possibly by his design) he has 2 North Carolina players and 2 Duke players. Chris chose 2 Michigan State players, and Bob chose 2 Oregon players.


18 1-seed players, 14 2-seed players, 10 4-seed players, and 8 3-seed players were chosen. No 15-seed players were drafted. A 16-seed player was drafted only because of a “fun punishment” I implemented as a result of Brian missing the draft - Marc-Eddy Norelia of Florida Gulf Coast. That 6'7" Haitian just finished schooling the other 16-seed in the play-in game tonight, putting up 20/10/5. (And Brian gets the 1.5x multiplier bonus for that stat line.)


58/80 players were from teams seeded 1-7. Bob has 4 1-seed players. All of James’ players are from 1, 2, and 4-seeds. Dan has 6 players from seeds 1-3 (2 of each).


22/80 players were from teams seeded 8-16. 7 11-seed players were drafted, followed by 5 9-seed players. Chris and Gavin have 3 bonus players. Brian has 1. James has none. Everyone else has 2.


Round 1 1 1 3
Round 2 1 2 9
Round 3 1 3 11
Round 4 1 2.5 12
Round 5 2 3.5 9
Round 6 2 5.5 13
Round 7 1 8.5 12
Round 8 1 6.5 16


Chris 3
Dan 2.5
Brian 2.5
Gavin 5
Chuck 4.5
Bob 1.5
Stu 4
Luke 4.5
James 2
Shawn 4.5


Known racist Luke drafted 5 white players.


Luke is the only owner with no players from a 1-seed, which probably correlates well to those teams having few white players.


25 from the East (Chuck has 4)
21 from the South (Gav has 4)
20 from the Midwest (Bob, Chris, Dan, and Shawn each have 3)
14 from the West (Bob has 3)

Only Bob (the South) and Brian (the West) lack a player from each region.