Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hotlanta Hilton

I planned on posting the Buenos Aires trip narrative as well as some other junk, but this hotel has ruined such plans. It's $15 per 24 hours of wifi. You read that correctly. Why Hilton has to charge $15 for what the Garden City, KS Super 8 gives you for free, I can't say.

I'm surviving on a Motorola PC card lovingly donated by a coworker. It's a tad slow, but much more economical.

I gawked at some tornado damage with the rest of the yokels at midday yesterday. Olympic Park looks like a bomb hit it. Too soon?

The weather hasn't been as nice as I hoped; in fact, I may have to abandon plans to visit the Carter Presidential Library and the MLK site.

A coworker's local friend invited us out for her birthday party last night. We went to The Spotted Dog, a British pub converted from an old Midtown firehouse. A British pub was already a strange spot for St. Patrick's Day, and the loud music added to the confusion. I heard a techno/dance remix of a Doors song, as well as Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation", before scrambling to the digital jukebox to play "Sunday Bloody Sunday", an audible symbol of my struggle to align the calendar with my location. I followed that up with "Supersonic", so as to not upset the empire's loyalists.

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