Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Are You Cereal?

Since I never shut up about it, I'm sure you all know that I love Cracklin' Oat Bran more than any other cereal. Many weeks ago, HyVee slashed the cost of this pricey yet delicious breakfast; a box could be had for TWO DOLLARS! Since I never shut up about it, I'm sure you know that represents more than half the usual retail price.

I purchased six boxes. As I'm sure you all know, I have breezed through that stockpile; I'll finish the final box on Friday or Monday. Then it's back to the eternal struggle: buy more COB at the top shelf price, or slum it with store-brand mini-wheats or honey-oat-bunches? Since I never shut up about it, I'm sure you all know that I hate to spend more than two dollars on a box of cereal.

I eat a bowl of cereal almost every single weekday morning.


Anonymous said...

You're a regular Jerry Seinfeld, with your love of cereal and your quirky observational humor.


Anonymous said...

Cereal...eew. For the two males in the house, I alternate "good" and "bad" cereal (also known as namebrand and generic). Matching coupons to sales helps...if you are really desperate...Millie

B@r said...

Perhaps you should elevate COB to a category higher than cereal since it apparently soothes your agitated mind much like a beta blocker would. And has no deleterious side effect on your ability to sustain an erection. Give thanks that something so INEXPENSIVE is able to provide you a general sense of well-being on a daily basis.

I am envisioning a 3-tiered cracklin oat cake with milky icing dripping down the sides at your wedding. Yum.

dn said...

Gross, Bar.