Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The World Is... Not Enough?

Remember this thing? It's still on my desk. I've been hoping its supports would slowly bend and fail, and I could witness its end "The World Without Us" style, but it seems my engineering skills are too strong. And today, this happened:

GUY FROM DOWN THE HALL: (stands in cubicle entryway, pauses) "I see you made the world."

ME: "........y-yes?"

GUY FROM DOWN THE HALL: "It's a house of cards." (walks away)

I don't chat with him much.

I'm moving from the cubicle to this thing with four walls and a door and a window, and on Friday I got this catalog and looked at my furniture options. It was much less fun than I thought it would be -- it was like choosing my coffin, except I'll never have to look at my coffin, much less see it every day for the foreseeable future.

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