Monday, January 07, 2013

2012 Recap - Bad Indie Rock Press Photos

Another year of monitoring RSS feeds of music blogs has gone by. Sunrise, sunset. Once again, I saved the images of the most puzzling, stupid, and precious indie rock press photos I found. Here they are:

Cloud Cult (via the AV Club)
I'm pretty sure I have friends who like this band. I guarantee they did not come to this opinion based on the band's press photographs. Forget about the distracting Jolie pose of the woman on the left is making, or the very distracting ray of light emanating from the center -- what made him think that this picture needed goggles? Those are goggles on his forehead, right? Not sunglasses or a reflective sleep mask?

Secret Mountain (via I Guess I'm Floating)
Something to remember when you look through these -- these are photographs that were taken, viewed, NOT deleted, and used for promotional purposes.

Bear Cavalry (via Music For Ants)
I would hate this even if everyone's hands were empty. As is, we've got an umbrella, a trumpet, a Casio, and a lacrosse stick? A cane? I'm sure I don't give a fuck.

Grizzly Bear (via I don't remember)
Grizzly Bear! All that critical acclaim, and you still can't think of a photo idea much better than Bear Cavalry. I CAN'T BEAR IT.

Desert Stars (via Music For Ants)
Every year we seem to have a photo that implies a male musician has control over a group of fawning young women. I call it a "Manson".

Fang Island (via Music For Ants)
A few steps further back, and you could have hidden those crazy get-ups.

Knox (via I Guess I'm Floating)
These two couldn't hire a professional photographer, so they ran in front of one of those motion-sensitive cameras that hunters use to take pictures of deer in the night.

Night Panther (via I Guess I'm Floating)
I thought nothing would be worse that this photo, but...

Alligator Indian (via I Guess I'm Floating)
...these guys are slightly worse. Instead of wearing their stupid fucking sheets outside in a nice sculpture garden, they choose to take a photo in front of the dartboard wall.

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Anonymous said...

Two things I didn't know about Andy Samberg: 1. He plays guitar for Fang Island. 2. He's a Mets fan. Go figure. -Pat