Sunday, September 29, 2013

Broke Bad

I've mentioned About a Boy before. It was my first exposure to Nick Hornby, and it was also the first book I ever read within a 24-hour period, thanks to a summer by myself in my college apartment.

In the novel, one of Hornby's characters talked about why he could never commit suicide -- there was always at least one thing he was looking forward to. The example I remember given was the excitement over what would happen in the next episode of NYPD Blue.

Now Breaking Bad is over. I loved it, I looked forward to it every Sunday night for years, and it's over.

And you could say that's one less reason to live, but it's not. It's such a good feeling to arrive at the end, and it's life-affirming when art affects you like this. And it's exciting to know that one day there could be another great show or movie or album that you love this much.

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Lindsey said...

This is great and makes me think of something that is sort of related. Something I never anticipated in the realms of missing my dad is feeling bad about all the movies, shows, etc. that will come out that he would have loved.

I was really struck by this when I watched Skyfall and the newest Star Trek, franchises that my dad had a committed interest in. But I remember being sad he'd never know how Lost ended (which as we found out was probably for the best because he would have HATED that ending). But it's just an interesting phenomenon that I feel people never really talk about that is definitely a big part of the missing someone picture.