Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 Recap - Bad Indie Rock Press Photos

I now monitor fewer music blogs compared to previous years, but I managed to find a handful of terrible band pics this year. Remember - these folks could have taken any number of attractive photos to advertise themselves, and they created these turds instead.


Over 55,000 Facebook likes, "Best New Music" blessing from Pitchfork, terrible photo of a man with a party hat and possibly a towel. Even Neil Diamond can't save this thing.

Glass Vaults
This photo is sure to bring the artist many curious new fans, looking for Frankenstein's Monster Rock Ballads. I like to imagine he's holding a plastic model of a uterus.

Secret Mountain
They have 1,652 Facebook likes as a band, but this Facebook photo only has 2 likes. Seems about right. Maybe they don't have a digital camera, and their roll of film ran out on this shot, right before they had to submit a photo to the internet? (Side note: I think I have heard a song of theirs and liked it.)

Uh oh is right!

Tim Woulfe
C'mon, smile, buddy! You found a mannequin!

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