Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Labored Days

I do still think about the blog. Like, when I'm researching images I can use for a presentation, and strange results occur, I'm like, "That's going on the blog."

And I keep notes that I think I might develop into a post.
overrated cheeses
white cheddar
feta maybe?
But the situation is this: my free time is limited due to these children, and I have chosen to abandon the internet during those respites. I'm trying these weird moves like "watching television without looking at Twitter at the same time".

Another issue: do I want this thing to be a dad blog? I've been leaning toward no. But I also think back on how little I wrote during cancer, and I think I will regret that most of the documentation I will have on that time is my medical chart. My kids take up half of Facebook's bandwidth, though, so their development won't be lost to history; maybe my blog can live without them. But content is harder to come by when most of your current events are related to the kids. Do you want to hear about the leaves I raked while I was away from the kids on Saturday morning? Well, there were a lot of leaves. I listened to some podcasts. I also killed some weeds and planted some more grass. Is that good? Is that blog gold?

Third, sickness. The kids were sick over Labor Day weekend and a while after. And then I got sick -- I had a fever for 4 days and that was only slightly less bad than getting poison ivy pretty bad right after the illness subsided.

Fourth, these Royals. The only reason I took the time to write this is because of their Game 6 seven-run second inning. It's a real laffer. The MLB postseason lasts forever. Pity those fans of perennial winners who have to watch this many playoff games every Fall!

That's it. That's the blog news.

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Mlada said...

Write about whatever you want--it's your blog!