Thursday, October 08, 2015

Still Stellar

I re-watched an episode of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp last night, and while that series was nearly everything I hoped for, I would still rank Stella as the greatest thing that David Wain or Michael Ian Black or Mikey Sho has done. (You likely remember Stella from my January 2005 post about the series being picked up by Comedy Central.)

Fast Company recently interviewed the Stella three, and I have compiled the dildo-related portions, including a Confucius-level final thought from David Wain:

DW: The shorts were pretty raunchy and crazy and unrestrained in just about every way.

MIB: The tone, the absurdity, the dildos—all of it just came pretty naturally. Whatever we thought was funny, we did. The stakes were so low. And the thing with the dildo was, once you buy one, you kind of have to amortize the cost. So we kept using it.

DW: We didn't think the show was nearly as left-of-center as I guess, in retrospect, it was. We thought we were doing the very mainstream, commercial version of what we do. But I suppose that it takes more than abstaining from sucking on dildos to make something truly mainstream.

Jelly remover for photo albums, you guys.

David's Cousin from TheState on Vimeo.


smmcclure said...

"I just threw your dog out the window. I thought it would help, but I was wrong. Dead wrong."
Great stuff.

smmcclure said...
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