Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 Winter Recap - Netflix

Hola amigos. I know it's been a while since I rapped at ya, but things have been crazy. I needed a vacation just to get over my vacation! Right? You guys get it.

When I wrote the 2009 Netflix recap, I realized it was too long for anyone to pay much attention to, and too full of great information for anyone to fully absorb. This year, I plan to review DVDs more frequently, to keep you in the loop (foreshadowing).

Here's what I've seen so far this year, in chronological order:

It Might Get Loud

I like Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page, but I did not like this documentary. It skimmed the surface of each of their lives and approaches to music, but didn't delve very deep, that is what she said. It might be a movie that only guitar players like.


Moon is an excellent hard sci-fi film. If you like sci-fi films, you should watch it without researching the matter. Don't even read the synopsis on the Netflix sleeve -- go in cold and you'll really enjoy yourself. That is not what she said. Also, Sam Rockwell is so good at everything -- why isn't he in more cool movies? He's in stupid "Everybody's Fine" Robert DeNiro bullshit when he should be owning Hollywood. If you doubt his greatness, and you don't mind very obscene language, watch from 1:52 to 2:25 at this video, and behold the glory:


This titular croupier person is a young Clive Owen. He lays some broads and finds some intra-casino intrigue, but it's one of those movies where the lead character is a struggling writer. Can we be done with those movies, please? This particular movie is okay -- it will hold your interest, but won't wow you. That is what she said?


Yeah, I'd never seen Munich, and with Mossad plugging dudes in Dubai hotels nowadays, it was a good time to catch up. Without getting all spoiler alert, can we talk about Spielberg's choice to show super sweaty Eric Bana plowing his wife while obsessing about the Munich Olympics? Can we all agree that we already knew Eric Bana was obsessed, and watching him obsess-plow his wife was wholly unnecessary? Is obsess-plowing ever necessary? That is the question she asked.

The Hurt Locker

I probably would have liked it more had I not known it was going to win Best Picture.

The Invention of Lying

Three or four hilarious scenes -- basically, the scenes featuring cameos -- in the middle of an otherwise disappointing comedy. Ricky Gervais is held to a higher standard, and he did not meet it.

The Vicious Kind

Do you guys know Adam Scott? The mean guy from "Step Brothers" and the lead character in the awesome "Party Down" series?

He's in this movie, which was financed by Neil LaBute, which makes sense because it's got mean, disturbed characters like his "In the Company of Men". Adam Scott's performance is super good, and it's a really captivating movie, even if it's not an awesome movie. Does that make any sense?

In The Loop

This is an awesome movie. It's like the BBC "The Office" crossed with "Glengarry Glen Ross". It was nominated for best screenplay this year, but it lost, of course, because we had to give the Iraq film every award, even though this and "Inglorious Basterds" were both way more original. Very funny, very smart, highly recommended.

Get Carter

Michael Caine is a gangster that takes the train from London to Newcastle to find out who killed his brother. There's a lot of classic 1970's pointless camera shots, from the "shaving with an electric razor for a full minute" to the "woman in the tub splashes a little water over her breasts". Lots of nudity, Michael Caine wallops a dude with a stick -- good stuff all around.


Anonymous said...

i have to say i really enjoyed It Might Get Loud. i am a guitar player. touche.

the editor saved this film though. if you get a chance you should watch the unnerving awkwardness in some of the deleted scenes where they are all trying to play each others' songs or talking about mundane details like strings.


dn said...

Yeah, the editor makes it feel like it's going to build into one awesome jam session, and then the end of the movie comes and all you get is one spin through "The Weight". Meh.