Sunday, March 28, 2010

Man Of Letters

A certain someone routinely receives brief, date-appropriate emails from his father:

** February 3, 1959. The day the music died.

** Happy Birthday, Howard Cosell

** Not only is it Janis Joplin’s birthday today, I’m sure Mom wanted everyone to know that today is also Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday.

But my favorite emails come from his mother:

** Our new neighbor’s in Tom and Sue [redacted]'s former house are the [redacted]s’ from New York. I think their names are Paul and Marlene.


Gregoire said...

Does this mom you speak of not like New Yorkers cause I have a thing or two I can say about that

Gav said...

Nope. Just felt like sharing that Paul and Marlene are from NY.

gregoire said...

What part of NY