Saturday, April 17, 2010

Take A Hike

Here are some photos from the hike we took last weekend, on the west side of Clinton Lake.

"If you find an old sun-bleached tree limb, you can put it up to your face and act like a walrus."

* * *

Today was the library book sale fundraiser. I bought a few classic pieces of literature, which means I am officially abandoning "The Brothers Karamozov". Eat it, Mother Russia!

I saw a stack of "The Value of Believing in Yourself" books. I have to think if Louis Pasteur were alive to see his caricature on the cover, he'd object.

Scientists -- what nerds! And sure, his nose wasn't small, but it wasn't a gigantic red clown nose!

At least he didn't get the Johnny Appleseed treatment.


Nicolas Frisby said...

That caricature is actually remarkably accurate if you switch back a forth a few times.

Anonymous said...

That book had a remarkably lasting effect on me. I remember reading it when I was a little kid. Everything I know about rabies and vaccines, to this day, comes from that book. Chalk that up to the remarkable job of one Doctor Spencer Johnson or to the woeful inadequacy of the Bishop Carroll chemistry department.