Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Nerves!

Remember when I got glasses?

I check in with the optometrist once a year. At every previous visit, he's marveled at my optic nerves, calling them "two standard deviations" larger than average. We casually rap about statistics all the time.

I splurged on photos of these optic nerves last week. Sure, it cost an extra $22, but I deserve it -- a man of my status enjoys the finer things in life, like fluoride treatments that aren't covered by Delta Dental, or fancy eyeball pictures.

They emailed the jpegs, but didn't label which eye is which, so I had to guess which way to arrange the two files. I chose the way that made them look less like boobs, but still kinda like boobs.

The optic nerves are the white circles. I've gotta say, much like when I saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time, "I thought it would be bigger."


Anonymous said...

nice! hope you're ready for all the eye fetishists to start hammering your site...


barbara said...

I'm just glad they aren't your boobs. Not that they aren't nice ones.