Monday, May 03, 2010

Chile Dogs

Is it too soon?

I've been saving Matt's Chilean-earthquake-related text in my phone for months now, waiting for time to sufficiently dilute the tragedy. Now, with oil spreading throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Nashville flooded and Boston without water and a car bomb in Times Square, surely it's time to laugh.
"I wonder how many cats got killed -- I bet the dog death toll is catastrophic. They all hang out under stuff that could fall on them."

(For further reading: Matt and I on Chile's coast.)

* * *

We saw "Kick-Ass" two weeks ago, and the trailer for this upcoming Ashton Kutcher / Katherine Heigl vehicle. At the trailer's conclusion, I said, "Ugh! Put it in your mouth!"


Anonymous said...


does anyone else think this is the beginning of a selleck resurgence?


p.s. at first glance i thought the security word i'm now being asked to type was 'mamasita' -- a great word -- but actually it's 'marmsta' which i think i like even better. i'm going to keep an eye out for the perfect time to interject this into daily conversation. thanks blogspot!

dn said...

I love Marmsta rap.

Floyd said...

I used the exact same punchline in the theater today after the Killers preview. The people that heard it around me laughed out loud. Thanks, Dan. New York loves you.

Nicolas Frisby said...

I relayed it yesterday to a friend in the seat next to me. Also a big hit.