Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wheel Watcher

If you want to see my friend Charles on television, tune in tomorrow, December 9, to the game show featuring hangman, a giant disc, and a useless old lady.

If you have any questions about his episode or the show in general, leave them in the comments and I will try to get him properly interviewed.


dn said...

First question. Pat Sajak: android?

Gav said...

My co-worker asked if he happened to get Heather's number.

I'm wondering if his strategy was also to take vowels if he were to land on the Free Spin wedge? I had no idea it even existed, let alone the strategy involved.

dn said...

The major points from last night's chat with Charlie are:

Vanna might weigh 100 pounds.
Pat is likeable and old.
The makeup ladies don't like Alex Trebec.
The wheel is surprisingly small and heavy.

Gav said...

Also of note...

- They cut out a round where each contestant spun Bankrupts.
- There is a break between each puzzle.
- They had to re-tape the final 'wave' because the winner's family was pissed and attempting to yell stuff at the cameras.
- The producers were pissed at a contestant for solving a puzzle when there were 5 L's noticeably missing.