Sunday, May 08, 2011

An Office And A Gentleman

It's been just over two years since Cara's favorite post. Let's update!

You know how you read about workspaces at leading tech companies, and it's all nap-pods and ping-pong facilities? I don't work at a place like that.

The whole building looks like this, with sepia-tinted cubicle walls bordered by offices. The cubicles you see in this picture have been empty for the past four months or so, due to a hiring freeze. Which is good for me, because that open door in the background is my office, surrounded by the quiet.

As I mentioned earlier, I chose the furniture. And I chose that cork board, which was ordered from a different supplier, but matches the cherry finish pretty closely! I didn't use a mousepad in my cubicle, but now that I have a new veneer finish to look after, the mouse rests on a thin book. See also: coasters under the mug. The window means I never, ever turn the fluorescent overhead lights on, even when a storm blocks all the sunlight. The window blind is broken, and won't stay raised on its own. I stuck a 3M adhesive hook upside down so I could secure the cord. I also tied a lanyard to the blind cord to make it longer, so I could actually reach it when the blinds are down without standing on a chair. Speaking of chairs, that office chair used to have arms, which would hit the desk when I wheeled up close to type. I brought an Allan wrench from home and removed them - now they're in a box behind my door.

Those are some guest chairs, also without arms, this time by design. Now that I work in a box with real walls and no workers nearby beyond those walls, I listen to music through computer speakers instead of my beloved Grado headphones. I can't believe how loud I'm allowed to play music. I keep asking coworkers if I need to turn down the mp3s but they say they don't hear it. I should bring in a subwoofer.

Guys, having a window is so much better than having no window, even if your window hasn't been cleaned since the building was assembled, and even if your view is just low-income housing. ENHANCE:

That guy in the overalls is out there most of the time. He loves the outdoors, and he loves to smoke. And eat, I'd guess. The view does include a few trees, at least. Some mornings, when I'm enjoying the quiet that only a horrible economy and late-running coworkers can provide, I can hear birds singing in those trees below my window! The other week there was a cardinal down there, chirpin' away.


Floyd said...

What kind of deviant uses a mouse with their left hand?

dn said...

That's covered in the link to the archives:

"Did you notice my computer's mouse is on the left side of the keyboard? Well, I'm actually right-handed, but I use the mouse with my left hand. That tradition started when my right hand turned claw-ish due to the Playstation+mouse combo. Now I can play all the video games I want, pain free! Thanks, left hand."