Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Recap - Bad Indie Rock Press Photos

Another year gone by, and I'm still somewhat obsessed with the sometimes horrifying, sometimes puzzling, always too-precious photos that accompany indie rock band stories on music blogs. Below are the images I hated most in 2011, in no particular order, except for the last two, because that guy is really the worst.

Dream Love (via I Guess I'm Floating)

Sure, you can blame him for putting ink in your mug -- but you can only blame yourself for that shirt.

inc (via Music For Ants)

I mean, what kind of music do you think these people play? Is "Androgynous hip-hop" a genre? Maybe the one on the left raps about baseball, and the one on the right raps about basketball?

Noah and the Whale (via Music For Ants)
I like some of their songs. I don't like the suggestion that these men have battered the only female member of the band so severely she required bandages and casts.

Radical Face (via Music For Ants)
Again, this guy has some good songs! But from this photo, you'd never know he wasn't a psychopath.

Spokes (via Music For Ants)

Would you like to enjoy some soulful harmonies? Cool, we'll start our set right after grab our pitchforks and chase the monster out of our village.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (via Stereogum)
 God. Damn. It.

You Won't (via I Guess I'm Floating)

Young Man (via I Guess I'm Floating)
I saved the first photo in February, and the second in September. I discovered it was the same dude while composing this list. So congratulations, Young Man, you're the band so nice I saved you twice. Maybe if you didn't rub Hawaiian Punch powder on your face you wouldn't have to shower with your eyes open so much.


Gav said...

One of my favorite posts every year.

Colin Caulfield said...

lol dude, my friend sent me this. Had a good laugh but you can also suck my dick ;)