Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On Beauty

Maxim magazine. We all know it's garbage. We all know its demographic is chimps. On the toilet. Still, a magazine written by oversexed frat boys should be able to compile a decent list of "hot" women. Maxim's 2007 "Hot 100" is not that list.

It's not just that Lindsay Lohan is #1 (again, it bears repeating that this is a list for the current year, not 2004). Ashlee Simpson is #16, just one slot behind AVRIL FUCKING LAVIGNE.

I don't have time to click through the entire 100, so I'll stop listing the questionable choices there. Well, okay, one more... Fergie is in the top ten. Fergie.

I'm tired of these lists, full of "meh" women like Sarah Silverman, and wouldn't-touch-her-with-yours whores like Fergie. I'm going to make my own list.

Check back soon. Soonish.

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