Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm reading his book at present time, and this, fresh from the other night, was hilarious:

But I'm very close to cancelling cable. It's, like, $50 bucks a month for the first 20 minutes of The Daily Show. Essentially.

Hodgeman clarified that clip, by the by:
I CERTAINLY DO NOT MEAN THESE FIGHTERS OR THEIR CRAFT ANY DISRESPECT, and not just because I do not want them to break my forehead in half.

Some of the fighters I watched were incredibly skilled, and Karo "The Heat" Parisyan in particular KICKS ASS.

Some of them, though, seemed to be merely artless brawlers ROLLING AROUND ON THE FLOOR HALF NAKED.

EITHER WAY, IT WOULD BE A VIOLATION OF COMEDY if I were to avoid pointing out just how prevalent this aspect of the sport is, and how it would look to a space alien, or a non-fighter, or even, I daresay, to a portion of the MMA audience who do not know about the long history of the grappling arts: THE FIGHTERS SOMETIMES LOOK LIKE THEY ARE LOVING EACH OTHER.


Anonymous said...

You know, I've been seriously considering canceling or at least cutting back on my cable package. The only channels I watch are Comedy Central, ESPN, HBO and the occasional CNN. Are these channels worth $50 a month? It's extremely questionable...


dn said...

Yeah, it's the eternal struggle. I might shift some cable funds to Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Just warning you. The corporate world owns network TV. A lot of reality TV, and I mean A LOT.

Although, I did find a pretty good dating show on KSMO (WB?) called 'Not My Type'. Which had four dudes answering questions to date a girl on a jumbo-tron able to talk to them. I didn't watch the whole episode, but in the end, she was a hostess at a strip club and he was a boyscout leader. This was very odd, being in his early-thirties and single. Maybe I would have a more robust story if I would have watched the whole episode.

Anyways, American Idol Rules!

Anonymous said...