Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Atlantic Shitty

Here's the final word on Atlantic City. Here's all you need to know:

I brought a camera, but didn't take any pictures.

Not because I was lazy, but because it was ugly.

I've fashioned a slogan for it, along the lines of "Las Vegas: What happens here, stays here."

"Atlantic City: What happens here will both anger and disturb you."

On the plus side, there was a LARGE selection of porn to browse at the Trump -- some 60 titles were available for its guests. I wrote down several of the titles, and will classify and rank them below. It should be noted that I did not watch any of these films. I just like to see what's out there. I do it whenever I'm in such a hotel.


Explicit Sex
Slutty Older Women
Just Filthy Sex
Natural Bush
Older Women and Young Guys
Super Compilation [The "Boner Jams '03" of the group?]


I Laid the Nanny
More Sex with my Sister's Hot Friends
I Laid your Hot Mom
Screwing my Buddy's Mom
You Can Screw my Husband


Where the Boys Aren't #17
Forbidden Coeds / Young Butt [Double feature!]
Bi Bi American Pie
Spinners [Mysterious!]


dn said...

We're just over 24 hours after publication, and already, 5 individuals have accessed Tornado Slide after Googling "Screwing my Buddy's Mom".

Why no love for "Spinners"?

shawn said...

has anyone accessed Tornado Slide by Googling "Boner Jams 03"? I mean, besides me.

Dougal said...

the best I remember getting is "mother in laws kitchen sink"

Why on earth that turned up my site, I've no idea...