Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Headline News

Can you find the headline that isn't really "weird"? The headline that would be better described as "tragic" or "disturbing"?

Well done, Wichita Eagle. Well done.


ba-ba-rah! said...

The only one that is weird is the Tweety one. All the other ones are disturbing and tragic to some degree. In my opinion, obviously. Is it the first one that bothers you?

dn said...

Yes, the teacher headline was the one that first caught my eye.

I agree that several are tragic or disturbing, but at least a man leaving a baby to rob a store and stealing Xmas trees are somewhat unique. There's a new teacher/sex scandal every week or so. It's not weird at all.

Gav said...

Unless, of course, the scandal involves Miss Bliss and Zack Morris (you know, from Zack Attack.)

Jen said...

I actually find ALL of them disturbing, including the cartoon characters in court. What in god's name did they do?!