Monday, December 17, 2007

I Still Wish I Was Taller

I mentioned this in 2005, but with everyone looking to waste time on the internet over Christmas, I will bring it up again. hosts a weekly contest: readers submit the worst possible entries for the New Yorker caption contest. The anti-caption:

• so completely misses the point that it changes your entire perception of the cartoon.

• is not just not funny but agressively unfunny.

• fits the picture, but does not actually work as a punchline.

• pays attention to details that the artist probably hoped you would overlook.

• reads like a caption that would actually appear in The New Yorker only without the being-funny part.

So, given this cartoon...

...the real, New Yorker winning caption was "I always figured Hell would be less ironic."

...and the winning anti-caption was "Man, fuck Ostrich-Heaven! That's all I'm gonna say."

...and a runner-up for anti-caption was "You know, I'm beginning to think, the halos and clouds and so forth notwithstanding, that this isn't actually Heaven, but is in fact Hell. For one thing, the boredom here is so oppressive that it feels like we're being punished, not rewarded. For another, I was a rapist."


Gav said...

"When was eternal happiness equated with sitting on eggs?"

Floyd said...

So would you call what we did sex?