Monday, June 30, 2008

Lars And The Real Good Joke, Guys

Two versions of the "Lars and the Real Girl" DVD are available. One version contains the 2007 Best Original Screenplay nominee. The second -- the one I got via Netflix -- is a gag DVD, featuring an achingly bad film that could never be considered worthy of an Oscar. The gag movie is about a borderline retarded man who acts like a plastic doll is his girlfriend. And just to make the gag movie even gaggier, the small town that the borderline retarded man lives in is full of benevolent citizens who play along with his delusion instead of calling him "Retard Faggot" and beating him to death.
Great gag, guys! You got me good. You ignored the pleas to conserve quirk, and drove this Hummer of a movie cross-country at 144 quirks per gallon. Tell the Academy that I totally get their funny gag, and that I got a little vacuuming done while the last 10 minutes of the gag played out.

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