Saturday, June 21, 2008

Were You Aware?

  • You can subtitle foreign language clips at Jaman?

  • HyVee does not offer an imitation box of Kix-like cereal, allowing the price for a box of Kix to stay at $3+ per box? Not a marshmallow in the whole box, and they want an arm and a leg for it? Is it so hard to make a knockoff Kix sphere? All I want is a taste of my youth. I kid tested and approved that shit back in the day, and I deserve it.
  • My coworker called her husband Thursday afternoon and left a message on his voicemail. "If it starts to storm in Lawrence you need to get off the roof." Either she's overbearing or he's an idiot. Probably both.
  • You can view Tornado-Slide-approved links by clicking here, or by clicking in the right sidebar, under the heading titled "Browsing". Think of it as my work-hours blog.

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