Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Did Jesus Leave The Oven On?

This caught my eye when Kim and I were in the antique mall last weekend (yes, really). I like to call this painting "Confused Jesus".

I like to imagine why Jesus looks so confused.
"Thomas wants to put his hands WHERE?!"

"Did you say five loaves and two fish, or two loaves and five fish?"
And so on. I invite you to post your own ideas in the comments. But remember, you're never going to beat my favorite:
"Why do I let bad things happen to good people?"


Gav said...

"You're saying AN ANGEL is my biological father?"

Floyd said...

Paul wrote WHAT in my name?

Jenny said...

"What in my name is Dan doing here, at this antique mall?"

shawn said...

why wasn't i born a woman?