Monday, December 08, 2008

Small Ball

I'm still progressing in a EA Sports' NCAA Football 2006 dynasty, as Coach Chester Reboulet. The year is 2047, and the Idaho Vandals just won the MPC Computers Bowl!

More interestingly, I discovered a glitch in the game I hadn't seen in my previous 41 seasons of play. The left guard on my offensive line is listed at 0'8", but he plays like he's a full foot tall.

I tried putting him at tight end, but passes sailed over his head. I handed off to him in some short yardage situations, even though the ball dwarfed him, but he couldn't bust through the line, or sneak underneath it.

Laugh all you want, but that little bastard made first team all-WAC. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

great pic. two observations:

1) i think the proportions are off. even in a 3-point stance, i think your 8-inch lineman would come up higher than the others' shoelaces.

2) where the hell is the MPC Computers Bowl...Alaska? poorly, poorly attended. i feel like you will not truly have a dynasty until your fan base can fill a stadium more than 12 rows high...


Gav said...

I bet you run a counter-trap every down, don't you? It's assumed that SOB can pull like it's nobody's business.

Is he really effective at anything? This is very confusing.

dn said...

Well, Jeff, the roster also says that this little guy weighs 318 pounds, so it's possible that the height isn't quite accurate.

The MPC bowl was in Boise State's stadium. I believe that is now the Independence Bowl. And the poorly attended stadium you speak of is an away game -- Hawaii, I think?

Gav, he can block okay -- the defender looks like he's miming a pass rush while the little guy holds him up. He can be jumped over, but the computer hasn't learned to do that.

Floyd said...

I don't know why, but this post made me laugh uncontrollably for a full minute. I think it's that he's in a 3-point stance.

BTW, the Vandals are a great choice for a dynasty team.

dn said...

He has to get in that 3-point stance, Floyd! He has to get below the defender!