Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Contest Is Over

I know I said the contest would run until Friday, but it won't. It's over. Shawn won, because his relative asked if he wanted a helping of dark meat because he supported Obama. That's the only offensive or ignorant comment I heard about. Good job, everybody. Wait, no, it was not a good job. It was a job that no one applied for. For which no one applied. And now that goddamn "I tried to do handstands for you" song is playing over the iPod Nano commercial. Fuck it all.


dukkillr said...

My aunt said that Obama was going to provide healthcare for everyone, fix the economy with huge social projects, save social security and medicare, unionize everyone, and do it all without raising taxes.

Does that win anything?

dn said...

It wins most optimistic comment. Your prize is a gigantic federal debt. Or deficit. Whichever of those words is correct.

lindsey said...

man, my uncle made an inappropriate obama joke but i forget it instantly because it was stupid. but i think the dark meat comment takes the cake anyway. sorry i can't remember anything. i'll blame the turkey coma.