Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Recap - Motion Pictures

Theater Viewing

The Dark Knight (IMAX)

Very Good
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Role Models
Burn After Reading
Tropic Thunder

Iron Man
Hamlet 2
Pineapple Express
Quantum of Solace


Home Theater Viewing
in reverse chronological order, with a few brief comments sprinkled about:

The Lady Vanishes
Step Brothers
The Foot Fist Way
It's a Wonderful Life
American Movie
[attempted and abandoned]
Once Upon a Time in the West
[for a western this long, there should have been more murder]
Glengarry Glen Ross
You Can Count on Me
The Sting
Snow Angels
Annie Hall
[attempted and abandoned]
25th Hour
The Apartment
Some Like It Hot
An Affair to Remember
Charlie Bartlett
The Bank Job
In Bruges
[War movie without war. Best Picture? More like Boring Picture.]
The Hammer
Dr. Strangelove
[Wasn't expecting such a funny movie - it delivers the laffs]
Super High Me
Murder on the Orient Express
Shadow of a Doubt
Lars and the Real Girl
Gone Baby Gone
[Great until the improbable final few scenes]
High Noon
All About Eve
The Savages
Double Indemnity
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
[this is not as good as everyone remembers]
Kurt Cobain: About a Son
Michael Clayton
The Darjeeling Limited
To Catch a Thief
How Green Was My Valley
[Best Picture snoozer. Coal miners? Who gives a shit?]
The Third Man
[Really superb. Highly recommended.]
The TV Set
Old Joy
[Fell asleep 10 minutes before the end. Didn't bother to rewind, because fuuuuck that's a boring movie.]
The King of Kong
3:10 to Yuma
Eastern Promises
The Ten
[Please watch this movie so we can quote it. Together.]
The Lookout
You Can't Take It With You
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
It Happened One Night


dn said...

The only real stinkers on this list were

Old Joy
How Green Was My Valley
Kurt Cobain: About a Son
Lars and the Real Girl
Charlie Bartlett

The rest are okay if you're in the proper mood.

Except for Annie Hall, which I hate because of my anti-semitic views.

casey elizabeth said...

the ten? did it get funny at some point? cause i turned it off into the fourth one...such a let down. not wet hot american summer enough for me.

Cara said...

I agree Batman isn't as good as everyone remembers. Even though Bale talks kind of funny, Keaton is not the best batman no matter what anyone says.

dn said...

Why can't I get anyone to watch The Ten? It has Paul Rudd, for chrissake's!