Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Font Fail

Floyd and I were chatting last night about how we hate most internet language, from "teh" to "ftw". I'm annoyed by "FAIL". It's overused, and nondescript. Although I will admit that sometimes, it's apropos, like when you get past an email's purple font to find its green signature.

I know I don't have to point this out to you savvy folk, but this secretary's GOT WINGDINGS IN HER GODDAMN SIGNATURE. Clover Home Happy. Club Ranch-house Smile. You really consulted your Egyptian Grammar. That's why you made it to SENIOR administrative assistant.

The Wingdings really get me pumped for the subsequent Celtic/Elfish St. Paddy's Day greeting and the concluding inspirational verse, which was either written by Shakespeare or Kenny Chesney -- I can't remember, I must have skipped my Important Poetry course that day.

/misguided outrage


hootenannie said...

This is beautiful. SO FUNNY!

Yes - "FAIL" is so overused. You know what else I hate? The winky face.


I'm sorry, but that's just creepy. When was the last time someone winked at me in real life? I'm pretty sure that it was a man, a stranger, and possibly a child molester. Regardless, I ran away.

Anastasia Watson said...

what is FAIL?

Bobby said...

Exceeded, perhaps, only by "EPIC FAIL"?