Thursday, March 26, 2009

Internet On The Superhighway

To whom it may concern:

This morning, as I exited the Kansas Turnpike traveling west into Topeka, I noticed an odd, square object near the middle of the dashboard of the white truck I was following. I accelerated and passed the vehicle as it straddled the white line separating the border of the I-70's right lane from the shoulder of the road. From my new vantage point, before the truck exited onto Rice Road, I was able to determine the following:

*Your company's logo was pasted to the driver's side door

*The driver was a white male

*The square object just to the right of the driver was a laptop computer

*The laptop was powered and displaying information of great interest to the driver


I couldn't tell what was being displayed on the laptop -- it could have been a challenging game of spider solitaire, an email message, the New York Times homepage, or merely a map or directions to a customer's home. I couldn't tell. I didn't have a lot of time to explore the issue, because I take driving seriously, and I was concentrating on maneuvering my Camry past a white roofing truck piloted by an inattentive man through 65 mile-per-hour rush hour traffic.

In any case, regardless of the computer screen's content, the driver's actions are indefensible. I wouldn't wish anyone unemployment given our current economy, but if you would kindly tell your employee to pull his head out of his ass and watch the damn road, my fellow commuters and I would appreciate it.

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