Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Let Me Stand Next To Your Choir

OH WOW, GUYS. I neglected to mention the most amazing episode of my time in Dallas.

I was meandering through the food court during our lunch break, trying to decide between soup at the Paneraesque place and the eventual winner, the cajun cafeteria's red beans and rice.

I spotted a pair of high-school-aged girls, both dressed in unflattering, black dresses, walking among the food court's tables. When a third girl appeared in the same outfit, I thought,
"Hey girls, where's the CHOIR?!"
It took about five seconds for my brain to process its own hilarity. "Why is that funny? Where's the choir? That sounds like something. OH. I took a common phrase and substituted the word 'choir' for 'fire'. That's good! That's pretty fucking good!" I was smiling, so pleased with myself, and so disappointed that my genius could not be shared. UNTIL NOW.

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