Thursday, June 04, 2009

Not A Smart Cookie

I'm off to Buffalo (The Queen City!) on Saturday to celebrate my 30th birthday in style for work. I'll return to the internet on Wednesday or so. I guess.

While I'm out, reacquaint yourself with this ad THAT KIM HAD NEVER HEARD OF! She didn't know that these rogue cowboys murdered Cookie!

I mean, "Get a rope" equals an old fashioned hangin', right? Or am I to believe these picante-obsessed frontiersmen just wanted to tie him up or drag him behind a horse?


Anonymous said...

I always thought that was an excessive punishment. But the real gem in this spot is the fact that the good people of San Antonio "know what picante sauce should taste like." Really? Why San Antonio? Did Davey Crocket hide some amazing picante recipe deep in the bowels of the Alamo before meeting his demise at the hands of thousands of angry Mexicans? Is it because Saint Anthony is the patron of picante? Why, Pace...why?


Anonymous said...

first things first... are you sure kim is of consenting age???

secondly, maybe we have overlooked the possibility that the rope is to be used for some elaborate homoerotic sexplay. the range is a lonely place.


p.s. if this comment leads to a bunch of entertaining hits from perverted googlers, you're welcome.

Floyd said...

Hi! I was just searching the Google for elaborate homoerotic sexplay with ropes and I came across this post! Man, those cowboys sure hate New York City! Well, speaking of elaborate homoerotic sexplay with ropes, I'm going back to browsing David Carradine photos.

Too soon?