Thursday, October 15, 2009

Calvinist Peeology

First, let me stress this is not the BIG EVENT I previously advertised. This is just a cell phone picture I snapped Wednesday morning in the parking lot.

This decal was not slapped on the back windshield of a 1983 Chevy Silverado. This was on the back of a small truck of recent vintage. Some human being loves Pepsi or hates Coca Cola so much that he/she was compelled to purchase and display an outdated meme.

Have you ever heard of Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda?
He had been stationed on Lubang Island in the Philippines when it was overrun by U.S. forces in February 1945. Most of the Japanese troops were slain or captured, but Onoda and several other men holed up in the jungle. The others were eventually killed, but Onoda held out for 29 years, dismissing every attempt to coax him out as a ruse. Finally the Japanese government located his commanding officer, who went to Lubang in 1974 to order Onoda to give up. The lieutenant stepped out of the jungle to accept the order of surrender in his dress uniform and sword, with his rifle still in operating condition.
This decal asshole is like that Japanese soldier, but instead of WWII, he refuses to believe the Cola Wars ended.

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