Thursday, October 08, 2009

My Scene, Man

Slashfilm talked about their favorite movie scenes this week, so let's talk about that. I love a lot of movie quotes, but a favorite scene should be more than just quotes.

One contender is Paul Rudd, acting like I do whenever I am asked to do anything.

Or maybe I should be thinking of scenes that are well-choreographed? Like the fight scene from Oldboy?

Or one of the great tracking shots in Children of Men?

Obviously, there are a lot of scenes to pick from. I invite you to share a scene in the comments.


Floyd said...

We could go on forever on comedic scenes. Your pick is as good as any.

And I'll obviously favor any Children of Men scene. Hell, that probably wasn't even the best constant tracking shot in the movie.

But as far as fight scenes go, while the scene from Oldboy was excellent, it still doesn't beat out the final sword fight from Rob Roy:

Floyd said...

BTW, I just got done reading the book "The Children of Men." It's quite different than the movie, so it's not a rehash at all. I highly recommend it.

Jenny said...

Holy crap. That is you. But probably with some overly dramatic yelling, too.