Friday, October 02, 2009

Where Is Mousey?

There was another mouse in this house. I have no idea how these scoundrels are finding their way in; it's like they can instinctively find their way to shelter and food. Weird.

The lady and I did not see the mouse until the chilling end. We knew one was probably around, because Doby the cat was spending more time than usual in the kitchen, staring intently beneath the stove and refrigerator.

Doby finally managed to chase the mouse under the wine rack on Sunday. Alas, when he realized his paws could not reach the mouse in that location, he lost interest and walked to the dining room. I AGAIN caught the mouse for him, minutes later, using my black, plastic mousetraps.

I ran to get my camera to take video of the twitching mouse corpse, and recorded this before the battery ran out:

Dead Mouse #2, Part 1 from chester reboulet on Vimeo.

Then I grabbed My Everything's camera and took more video:

Dead Mouse #2, Part 2 from chester reboulet on Vimeo.



Floyd said...

Shortly after I clicked on the first video, the song "Blue" by Smashing Pumpkins started playing on Pandora. At first I thought you'd dubbed the video. But even after I realized what was happening, the song seemed to fit the scene. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

That is a big fucking cat!

barbara said...

I'd like to keep my impressions of you being a nice wholesome man. Watching your films of a mouse in the throws of death just doesn't jive with that. Filming it seems like something a sicko would do. Just saying.

Should I come visit you in KS with my kitten? She had her first kill last week and left it on the doorstep.

dn said...

The mouse was completely dead by the time the camera was rolling. Does that make you feel better?

You can visit with your kitten, but I have a feeling Heather would be a better driving companion.

hootenannie said...

I watched this a few nights ago, and thought, "The HORROR!" And then, I changed my mind and thought it was brilliant.

I, for one, am enjoying your cat videos. :)