Saturday, December 19, 2009

Potpourri Times Three


Please note you can now stream most of the songs in my previous post.

Tonight we ate at a new restaurant downtown. An old couple sat at the table to our right. I heard the woman say, "I fear Mary is going to make a ham."

Driving home yesterday, I saw a minivan with a personalized license plate: SCATCAT. Again, that was yesterday, Friday, December 18, 2009, AD, anno domini, when I sighted an auto accessory that costs a significant amount of money, yet touts a cartoon MC last seen in 1991 Paul Abdul video.

(Yes, I am aware that his name was really spelled MC Skat Kat. But is the driver aware?)

Earlier this week I got this message:
Hi, [redacted], it's [redacted], calling from [redacted]. I think I promised to send this to you before, but I have a completed form that has some updates on a report you sent us about a month ago, and it's from [redacted], so I'd like to send you that case with the updates we've received, and I didn't know if you'd like to me to fax that or if you'd like me to send it to an email account. Could you just let me know what you'd like and I'll get that to you? My number is [redacted], and if you don't get a live voice, if you wouldn't mind leaving your preferred method of sending this and the email address or the fax number to which you'd like us to fax if you choose to fax. Thanks, bye.
Hey, thanks, but I already know how voicemail works.

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