Sunday, December 06, 2009

December Musings

Well, you know, I've been busy watching movies and stuff, but there will be more stuff on here really soon. I'm not going to go all Floyd on you. No posts in 5 months for Floyd! What a dick.

* * *

Two humorous things sent to me recently:

"I just got drunk at CD's bar from Walker, Texas Ranger."

-- text from Brian

"My parents and I will be up in the Cancun timeshare and I think there’s room for 2 more – you could even have the privacy of your own room and bathroom. I know this sounds excessive to have so many time shares, but I can’t be bothered to explain it. As you know, Cancun is lame in many ways, but it’s warm and relaxing and happy hour is at 3:30. And there are pretty cool Mayan ruins nearby. This might be your last chance to see them if their calendar is correct and the world is about to end."

-- email from Bar

* * *

The new Paul F Tompkins CD I ordered was delivered yesterday. Sometimes I save the first listen of such spoken word items for long drives, but I can't wait until my Christmas travels to enjoy this goodness. Look at the cover -- how could I delay one more moment without listening?

* * *

Does anyone other than @BAGEsq and Nick and Adrienne read my Google Shared Items? If you do, please leave a comment below. I feel so alone.

If you don't, you didn't notice my comments about this Franz Ferdinand video

"I know this isn't an epic video, but it makes me think about the decline of MTV. If this just happened to appear on my television, I'd be really entertained and I'd hope to see it again. As is, with no music video programming on TV, I can't be bothered to call up YouTube every week and re-watch it. All these good videos are single servings, just watched once and thrown away."


Brad Raple said...

I read your shared items. I even watch your animated .GIFs of Seagal shooting children.

Nicolas Frisby said...

While I understand your request, that kind of hurted me.

dn said...

In order, thank you for sharing, and I am so sorry.

Lindsey said...

I claim ignorance on this one, as I just set up a google reader and began using it. You are now being followed.