Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bathroom Humor

Once, as a child, after I stretched up on my tippy-toes to wash my hands, a belt hook on my jeans became snagged on the cabinet handle beneath the bathroom sink. Owing to my light frame and the sturdily constructed denim, I was caught, slightly dangling, and could not free myself. I was entangled for only moments. Still, before my brother freed me, I had a vision of the future where I remained hooked to the bathroom cabinet handle for years, and my meals had to be brought to me.


One day I turned the sink faucet to its far left, waited until the water was hot, filled a glass and sipped.

"It tastes like tea!" I said.

"Never do that again," Mom said.


One day I spent a lot of time looking at my reflection in the mirror, and thinking about the parallel-universe mirror me, living his life in the mirror world, and walked back-and-forth from the bathroom to the hallway, where I looked at the opposite side of the mirror's wall, kind of hoping every time that I would be able to access the Mirrorland.


Jared said...

I can relate with Mirrorland, though mine was Upsidedown Land, where everyone walked on the ceiling, being careful to not trip over the deadly spinning blades of the ceiling fan.

dn said...

Man, our spirits couldn't get any more kindreder.

Jenny said...

I too used to think of Upsidedown Land...also Mirrorland, but I think that was fueled by the TV movie version of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and the Hug-a-Bunch movie.