Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's A Nice Day For A Nice Wedding - Part Two

After the ceremony a checklist appeared in my brain. Family photos. Trolley ride to next location. Wedding Party photos. Ride to next location. Entrance to reception. Dinner. Cake cutting. First dancing. Until we made it to dinner, I felt more stressed than I should have. I was riding around on a trolley full of great friends and alcohol, and yet I had a worry in the world? Gav started a "USA! USA!" chant while we were piloted through the Plaza, and I was up in my head? Not a great job by me.

Dinner was good. I wasn't too hungry but I was anxious to shove as much food as I could into my gullet so I could start drinking in earnest - I'd only had water and a shot of Tuaca on the trolley. It was more than an hour after dinner before I had a real drink, and my total for the night was one mere Jack and Coke followed by a few cans of Miller Lite.

Is this boring? Probably. All this text is just an excuse to get to this part:

When my lady and I were trying to decide what song to use for our first dance, I had one or two in mind. During the second New Pornographers concert we attended together, I waited until "Go Places" was played, suggested we use it, and she agreed. Knowing it was a 3/4 waltz beat, we assumed we could learn a waltz step for it, which we eventually did, five days before performing it, by looking at two YouTube videos and practicing for 30 minutes in our living room.

When we began to dance, Kim asked if I'd looked at my ring yet. Of course I'd had no time or mental capacity to do that, as she assumed, so it was during our first dance that she let me know she'd had it engraved with lyrics from the song: "Stay with me, go places ... Kim".

(Thanks to Bag's fancy camera and time for the photo.)

It was a great surprise, and well worth having that song stuck in my head for the following four days.

Then other reception stuff happened, then the reception was over, then we had a nice late breakfast the following morning, then we open some presents, then we drove home and that's where we live, together.

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