Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Bologna? No.

I had to search the archives to make sure I hadn't told you this before. Sure enough, I only have one solid bologna-related story in the written past.

I've mostly converted to peanut butter and jelly for a packed lunch, but every one or two years I crave bologna. I've come to enjoy them as such: soft wheat bread (not the better-for-you fiber-filled stuff), a small amount of Miracle Whip, one or two slices of light bologna (which seems to be healthier than turkey bologna). American cheese optional. Then, insert a white corn tortilla chip into the sandwich prior to taking the corresponding bite. Salty! Crunchy! Bologna!

In other sandwich news, the 'Book indicates Jack Serpentine ate this today.


Anonymous said...

Indeed I did. It was a game changer.


dn said...

Well, it looks appalling. But congrats on changing the game.