Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Worst Bucket List

I had the idea to make the world's lamest Bucket List after I saw a commercial for Keno. I enlisted Shawn's help and here's what we've got so far:

1. Learn to play Keno
2. Learn to polka
3. Read the novelizations of the "Back to the Future" films
4. Write a comprehensive history of German comedy
5. Try every fountain drink offered at Quik Trip
6. Sail across Lake Huron
7. See the Blue Man Group
8. Pet a horse
9. Read a Danielle Steele novel
10. Learn to speak Welsh
11. Get a tramp stamp


Brian Gregoire said...

You have never pet a horse? Might as well add to number eight meet sarah jessica parker and shake her hand....too mean?

dn said...

this was more written from some other person's point of view, so I didn't take into account whether this list would apply to me. that said, I don't know if I've pet a horse before? I usually leave those things be.

And if Lake Huron is actually quite beautiful, apologies for my ignorance. I am willing to change to Lake Eire or something if necessary.