Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Very Chairy

Remember how new and classy my new office looked?

Well, when you need a very cushioned surface before you can comfortable sit in a typing posture, your room looks a bit less classy.

The chair of unknown age and origin is on loan from my next-door coworker. "Please take it so people will stop hanging out in my office," she said. She's fun. (She really is.) I brought the beige pillow in from home, and yes, I was daring anyone I passed on the way to the second floor to make fun of the guy carrying the large cushion to his office.

This isn't really new to me, but now that I have such an excellent excuse to walk slowly in the hallway or take use the elevator to move one floor, I'm on edge about possible challenges from strangers.

"Feelin' lazy today, huh?"
"Yeah, I took the stairs earlier today but the chemotherapy makes me tired."

You know. My mind is cluttered with possible retorts. Let's hope I get to use a few.

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