Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The History of Secretary's Day*

BOSS: Come into my office, Young Secretary I Hired Expressly For Filty Extramarital Sex!

SECRETARY: I suppose you wish to perform unspeakable acts upon me? Again?

BOSS: This is correct, Ms. Secretary. As a business professional, I need to get off, pronto.

SECRETARY: I object to this shabby treatment.

BOSS: You object to being an object? Ha ha ha!

SECRETARY: I don't get it.

BOSS: It's a joke us fellas learned back at Dartmouth.


BOSS: Look, if I give you a half-dozen flowers once a year, will you get in here and go downtown?

SECRETARY: Flowers! Wow!

BOSS: Okay, great. Let's get started.

*The true story is similarly pathetic.

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