Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mylanta Experience


I almost forgot to show you guys this little cemetery I stumbled on while in Atlanta.

It's approximately 40 square yards, tucked idyllically between a huge strip mall and an insurance headquarters. You can see the insurance building clearly in this snapshot.

Rest in peace, Spruill family! I hope the money your ancestors got for selling your land was worth disturbing your eternal slumber with the incessant beep-beep-beeping of tractor trailers full of ringer tees, backing into Old Navy's loading dock.

* * *

I'm back! I actually had this thought while walking around just north of the Atlanta city limits: "I would like to kill every Atlanta city planner not named William Tecumseh Sherman."

It wasn't all bad. I got a free dinner at a mediocre Italian restaurant. You know the type -- where they serve their dishes "family style"? You know, because it's fun! It's just like when you used to eat ravioli back in the old country, with your mom and dad and your kooky Nana Maggiano! But seriously folks, here's my thought on family-style dining: "You're eating all my mashed potatoes, dick."

I came back to this stunning news from Gavin:
I usually go to google news to check and see what's going on in the world. Tonight, I scrolled to the bottom and saw the health section. Needless to say, these were unexpected images and I didn't particularly like the last one.
(click to enlarge)

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Camille said...

While I clearly see your point about not wanting a finger shoved up your rectum, I have to say that the first picture is awfully misleading. They should show those boobies smashed inside a machine checking for boobie problems. I personally have not had to go through this yet, but I hear it is no picnic. Funny though how they show a manequin butt getting it in the pooter. I giggled at least.