Thursday, August 28, 2008

Embed Alert

If you don't live near Kansas City, you may not have experienced the pleasure of a Brown & Crouppen ad.

"Cells phones off." Gadgetry awareness -- that's what I look for in an insurance lawyer. That, and for all three members of my defense team to enter the VERY BRIGHT courtroom at the same time. (Like when Michael, Micheal, and David of "Stella" would all try to walk through their apartment door at once. Four people know what I'm referring to.)

I'll be at hillbilly lake this weekend, then in Wichita next week for a conference. I was just in Wichita a month ago. Not much new there, except they were finally working to improve the intersection where this happened:

Internet videos. Web 2.0. Blog. Meta. Building a bridge to the 21st century. So on. See you in a week or so.


Kim said...

It is a redneck lake... not a hillbilly lake. Better get it right before tomorrow.

Jeremy Fossington Forbes Smythe Alopecia Smith-Jones said...

The most astounding thing about that car crash video is that the presenter says "oh my gosh!" in a truly brilliant impression of english dignitary instead of what you'd expect something along the lines of "OHMYFUCKINGJESUSDIDYOUSEETHATSHITWENEARLYFUCKINGDIED!!!"

Jenny said...

Does the guy on the left call the guy in the middle "dad"? REAL frickin' professional.