Saturday, August 09, 2008

Voter Turnout

[NOTE: Well, no one commented on the incredibly rich subject matter in the previous post, so either no one else laughs at abused cats and dogs, or no one reads this anymore. And does anyone not named Nick keep an eye on my shared items? Should I just abandon that thing? Moving on...]

I went to see Pineapple Express last night. I give it a B. Kim gives it a B+. It was funny, but nowhere near as funny as my experience earlier in the evening at the theater box office.

This middle-aged guy walked up to the ticket lady and said, "I need three for Swing Vote."

"Three adults?" she asked.

"Yes," the man replied.


Get it? Do you get the joke? Three adults paid to see Swing Vote! They dropped, like, $30 bucks for that! Oh SHIT that's funny!


casey elizabeth said...

i shrugged off the one eyed cats post, but now you are mocking an american icon, and i cannot stand for it.

Dougal said...

The real comedy is that the film made it to the cinema, let alone that anyone wanted to watch it...!

Swing vote must surely have less of a plot than Snakes on a Plane

But then, that's an insult, Snakes on a Plane was a work of sheer genius.

dn said...

Oh no. I just realized that the previous posts' title was incorrect. It should read "Lachlan Out Loud". My bad.

I could at least see why people would want to see a movie about snakes on a plane. I can't understand why anyone would want to watch a political "comedy" starring Dances with Wolves.

I will be return to the internet later this week.